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Take control of the state you are in

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A state is a condition or your way of being that exists at any time. Your state results from a combination of your emotions, thoughts, physical and mental powers. It varies in length and intensity. Take charge of your state to ensure it’s a resourceful state at all times. You have a resourceful state when you have the ability to make decisions on your own and find quick and clever ways to overcome your difficulties.

You get into numerous different states every day. For example, you may be feeling angry at one moment and excited at another. The state you are in is very important to you. It has an immediate effect on your wellbeing, performance, decision, behaviour, action, and learning. It’s your choice what state you want to be in. When you are in a composed state, you are calm and in control of your emotions or you could be in the state of being comfortable and healthy, or happy.

It is mistakenly believed that external events determine your states beyond your control. The truth is you create your own states in response to outside events. You become angry, irritated, happy or sympathetic when you respond to other people or situations. Many people do not realize you possess the ability to change your state at will. You can also influence the states of others in a positive manner.

You can change the state of others. To change the state of your loved ones, friends or students into good states, you have to be in a good state yourself. Emotion is known to be contagious. When you smile or feel visibly happy, others smile in return or your happiness passed on to others make them feel happy too. When you have many positive states and you consciously or unconsciously display habitually, you will always win new friends.

It’s not possible to stay in a state for long. Your state changes all the time. Even your good states do not last indefinitely however much you wish to retain them. The choice you have about your state and your ability to exert control over it allows you to become emotionally well-balanced. People who feel nervousness when performing or speaking in public despite thorough rehearsal do not show great nervousness if they have learned to manage their state. It’s therefore true that there are no unresourceful people, only unresourceful states.

You can always draw on the good state in which you can produce your best performance. However bad you feel at a given moment, even if you can’t directly change the way you feel you can change the way you think, and that changes how you feel. This is one technique that is worthy of constant practice. The more you practise it, the better you become as a person, and the more effectively you conduct yourself.