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We create our own reality

Each of us thinks we know objective reality. But because our experiences differ immensely, we each perceive our world in a unique and subjective way. We indeed see things differently. We develop our own respective attitudes, beliefs and values which together give rise to a habitual way of thinking. Our thinking often does not make sense to other people, neither does theirs make any sense to us. This is evident in the way some people think and behave which we find strange or incomprehensible.

Hence, it’s perfectly obvious none of us has exclusive knowledge of objective reality. We merely create our own reality. But the world we live in is real. If it’s a windy day, one person may consider it an ideal opportunity to fly a kite, while to another person the windy day is simply awful for a picnic. The windy day is the same day for both persons but each of them gives a different response.

The inevitable question is whether a person or thing is naturally good or bad, or is it our perception or interpretation that portrays it to be good or bad? The way we see things forms our subjective reality as it is not determined by some objective standard. In other words, it is not the objective world but our personal world arrived at through the filters of personal prejudices, beliefs, assumptions, attitudes and past conditioning.

From our interpretation of external reality, we form our beliefs and make decisions and choices accordingly. People believe mostly whatever they perceive. What they fail to realize is that they differ in their perceptions due to different experiences and levels of awareness, which is the reason they believe differently about the same reality. Each one of their beliefs is true, true to the person believing it.

Once beliefs are formed, they usually become unquestionable regardless of whether they are actually true or not. There is no room for replacement or revision. Their beliefs serve only to confirm what they believe is true even it is not true. For instance, a ‘no’ is interpreted as rejection even if it is not meant to reject, or the team members believe they are going to lose the match, put up a poor performance and lose the match to confirm their belief.

Two different responses from two different persons with different perceptions of the same reality are indication of two realities, but they are both subjective ones. People create their own realities. There are positive and negative sides to every person or thing. To change your reality, change your thoughts or manner of thinking and focus on the positive side of what is being perceived. This is the better and more empowering alternative.