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Delay action - lack of motivation or real fear?

Do you often put off doing things - whether something that you have to do or even something that improves your life? Have you ever asked yourself why you are not doing the things that you ought to do? Chances are you will come up with all sorts of excuses in justification of your non-action. You procrastinate either because you lack the motivation or are gripped by fear that hinders your readiness to take action.

Motivation is something that inspires you with the feeling to act. Your motivation comes from a strong reason for doing something. Your motivation often arises from your needs and wants. So if some forms of improvements or advantages accrue to you, it is more likely than not that you will feel highly motivated to act. The greater your needs or wants, the greater is your motivation. If there is no driving force behind what you need or what you want, you are just happy to do just enough to get by. You will never be motivated and so are not valuable to yourself or any organization you are associated with. You are complacent when you are not motivated.

Only you can motivate yourself. Nobody else can. Others can only encourage you. Why choose to just wander through life and simply accept whatever fate confers on you? And suffer through a lifetime of frustration and unhappiness? What is needed is to develop the determination to succeed and willingness to devote your own self entirely to achieve success, and greater motivation will follow.

Some people are afraid to take action because of fear. Fear usually arises out of lack of accurate information or too much of wrong information. Having the right knowledge of what you are going to do will eliminate much of the fear. People who are successful have made efforts to overcome their fear, and take action. What they are doing, have done or are planning to do are not things that cannot be done by you or me.

The only difference between those who succeed and those who have not yet succeeded is that those who are successful get themselves motivated, overcome their fear and take action. We can too providing we are prepared to dedicate our lives to do the same.