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Believing is seeing

Believing not seeing comes first. You must believe in something first in order to see it. For example, if you believe in the successful outcome of what you are going to do, you will have the will and the knowledge to go about achieving it. Eventually, you will see your success. It's as simple as that because belief itself is a great motivation. Have it first and see the result. This is what believing is seeing is all about.

With all the facts, knowledge, aid or material help to achieve what you want, you are not going to see the desired result if you don't have the belief of the successful outcome. Without the belief, all your expressed aims or specific goals can only be counterproductive. With the belief, you will know your target and you will readily avail yourself of all the things that you need to hit the target.

If the converse – seeing is believing – is the better alternative to you, you will want to have the information or proof first before you will believe. In real life, such thinking will quite likely to cause to take no action. Things can only happen to you when you take action. When the information or proof is not forthcoming, you lose valuable opportunities which could have brought you considerable advancement or success. Successful people know the truth of believing is seeing.

When you believe in something, you will seek it out and you will be certain of what you are looking for, The relevant information and opportunities will then present themselves to you, and they will facilitate your successful search for what you want. Lacking belief will render you not knowing what you are aiming or looking for. You won’t find it even if the information is in front of you or the opportunities are knocking at the door. You won’t notice or hear them.

You will lack faith in anything if you have been conditioned to see first before you can believe. Without faith, you lack the trust or confidence to proceed to get what you want in life. When you lack faith, the tendency to procrastinate is great so the loss is great too. You feel it does not matter to you if you don't get what you desire in life. After all, you don't have the faith of getting what you want.

When you believe in believing is seeing, you actually believe in what you see. If you see positively that you will be a successful person, that's what you will be: a successful person. Believing is having faith. And faith is what you need most to succeed in life. When you have faith in something, say, your ability to achieve, you have a strong belief in the something, that is your ability. With that, you can get or achieve what you want. Faith will get you to fulfill the goal you are striving for. You can take an any idea or anything and can really make it happen.

If you have to see first before believing, you are setting conditions for yourself to fulfill before initiating an action. You are unaware that you are actually postponing living your life. You remain unproductive as long as you go on waiting for a situation to happen, instead of creating it. Why allow your life to be at a complete standstill when the reality is that whatever you are aiming for is within your reach.

Faith gives rise to complete trust, confidence and belief. Understand that it is your trust, confidence and belief in your ability to achieve that determine your success. Have these qualities within you and you can be sure you will be able to accomplish any task that others think are impossible. It wll begins with believing is seeing.