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The power of belief

A belief is something that we choose to form in our own minds. Our belief influences how we see the world, and dictates our way of thinking and behaving. It is the power of our strongly held belief that determines the kind of person we are or going to be. Something that we believe strong enough becomes our reality. It's therefore essential that whatever beliefs we hold will empower us.

If we absolutely believe we are destined to be successful in achieving fame, wealth, or social status, we will think and act in a manner that is suitable for achieving success, and eventually we will be successful. If it is our strongly held belief that one day we will be a person of importance or authority, all the things that we do and happen to us will point in that direction and make our belief come true.

Our belief must give us optimism and confidence. This is especially important if the belief is about ourselves, for it is most likely to impact us positively. Likewise, our limited belief can only bring about a limited outcome. Understand that a belief has its power to shape our behavior. We want to behave in an optimistic and confident manner. It is such behaviour that we always need to live the kind of life that we deserve.

Not knowing the potential effect our belief has on us places us at a disadvantage. For example, we, like most people, attribute the limitations we face in wanting to do or achieve something to external causes. But limitations are internal, imposed by our own limited thinking or as is known as self-limiting beliefs. It is these beliefs that impede our progress in exploiting our potential.

Most people like to think they lack the ability to get or accomplish what they want. But in reality, there is no basis for such a belief. Everyone possesses the means or skill to do something or succeed in achieving their aims if only they believe they are able to. It was Henry Ford who said, “If you believe you can do a thing, or you believe you cannot, in either case, you are probably right.” How true it is.

It's time we challenged our false beliefs. Put a stop to believing we can't. Change our beliefs and replace them with positive ones. Initially, we may encounter difficulty in doing this. We can begin by examining all the beliefs that we have and convincing ourselves that there are no proofs that our false beliefs are true. Start acting as if these beliefs were not true. Behaving consistently in this way will make us a different and surely a better person.