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The purpose of life is a life of purpose

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself, “Why am I here? What do I want to do with my life?” Every one of us in this world has a purpose in life. The purpose varies from person to person. But primarily, we are brought here to make a difference by making contribution to and being connected with the rest of humanity, and not for nothing. Every life is important and every existence has a mission to fulfil.

Would it be the same if you or l did not exist? We cannot say for sure for we are interconnected in our presence. Our absence could make a significant difference to the place we would have been or the people we would have come into contact with. Our and their actions, decisions and behaviour could have mutual effect. We can never know.

For many, their life purpose is manifested in the natural aptitude they are gifted for a particular task or activity, or an acquired skill. They will live a fulfilling life in pursuance of their mission. Their life will indeed be a satisfying and an enjoyable one. Success naturally follows when they do what they love to do. Their successes tend to contribute to the advancements of their fellow human beings.

The importance of the purpose of our lives overrides all other pursuits and it has to be to render constant service to others. No matter how successful a life we live, the quality of our lives will be measured by the quality of the contributions we have made. We can only be happy when we are contributing in some way. We cannot help ourselves without helping others, or enrich our lives without enriching others. Their well-being will in turn promote a feeling a wellbeing in us.

Many will say, “The purpose of our lives it to be happy.” Indeed, it is the human instinct to be happy. But how many of us are really happy? Happiness comes from interaction with others. The ones who are not happy have no clear purpose in life. They have set the price of happiness too high. They are adrift, not knowing where they are or where they are going. They who have no purpose will never persevere and will never be fulfilled, and unhappiness results.

It is essential to aim at what you truly want in life, and focus exclusively on achieving it. Successful people are those who are extremely focused and purposeful coupled with a desire for success. People including those in sports who overcome serious personal disabilities to succeed admirably in what they do obviously have a purpose in life. They have something to prove and they do it successfully. They contribute by serving as role models.

When we are feeling that we are contributing to serve others, we can see the enormous improvement in our own lives, and the returns will be immense. Some day we have to pass away and leave everything we have behind. The logical conclusion to be drawn is not to be overly possessive and accumulate whatever we can. The more we possess, the more painful will the moment be when we have to make the final exit for eternity. Every one must comply with our moral obligation and not just to make a pledge to help, care and serve others in some way. Our purpose in life need not be entirely altruistic but some degree of selfless concern for the wellbeing of others is necessary.

Many people till this day are still unsure of their life purpose. People opine differently on their roles in this world and the majority live their lives not having a clear aim or purpose. Understanding clearly the purpose of their being here and the direction of where they are heading is absolutely necessary for the continued existence of mankind. What is truly desired is unwavering self-discipline to fulfil the purpose in their life.

Life has to have a purpose, otherwise it is meaningless. We need to discover our purpose, and set our mind on achieving it.