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'Us versus them' mentality

Many people have developed a characteristic way of thinking that the more they possess in common with others, the less they will get. They mistakenly believe that if they share ideas, wealth and resources, there will be less left for them. Such muddled thinking is almost certain to doom them to a life of scarcity.

It’s hard to understand the mentality of the people who are behind this kind of belief, especially when we have long embraced one of the primary laws of Nature that the more you give and the more you serve others, the more you get. They liken life to just a cake. When someone gets a big slice, what is left of the cake is so much less for the others to share.

If they can just discard the ‘us versus them’ attitude, they will realize that there is no limitation out there. What is out there for one is out there for all. The better alternative is to act in cooperation to produce a combined result that is greater than the sum of their separate effects. But people with the ‘us versus them’ mentality have difficulty sharing acknowledgement, reward, praise and power even with those who put in efforts to produce the desired results.

They have great difficulty expressing pleasure or feeling happy for the good fortunes or achievements of other people, even members of their own family or close friends. It is as if the successes of other people have been attained at their expense, or they have been reduced to failures or losers as a result of others’ successes. At times, they may be forced to express happiness at the successes of other people, but their feelings are not genuine.

They are not prepared to take the second best spot. There can only be one position, the top position which they must occupy. Their constant comparing with others is to ensure they remain continuously at the top position. Otherwise, their self-worth would be adversely affected. They like to surround themselves with amenable people – people who will do their bidding.

If there are people we look up to and idolize, and who live exceptionally good life, it doesn’t mean they are superhuman. They have totally dedicated their lives to achieving their present high status. What they have achieved is fully attainable by us providing we are prepared to be highly dedicated as they have.

‘Us versus them’ mentality can be dispelled by understanding clearly that other people are not here to take away what they have, and that opportunities are aplenty for everyone to have a share of all that is available. They can perhaps rid themselves of the mentality by developing the habit of caring for others, especially those needy ones by contributing their personal services. They can just as well make generous donations to charities

When the truth is realized, there is no ‘us’ and there is no ‘them.’ It’s an imagined lie perpetrated and perpetuated by the ignorant and fearful. Nearly all of us have at one time or another guilty of using the us-versus-them thinking to justify an action or attitude. Only the extent varies which establishes the truth that we are all ordinary but unique beings.