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Home Limitations


Think about whether you are living the kind of life that you think you should be living. Or having what you would like to have or being where you would like to be. If the answers to the questions are in the negative, you might want to know what have gone wrong. You will find your living conditions falling short of your expectations are due mostly to your limited thinking.

You need to sort out your priorities before you decide what you want to gain in your life whether for yourself, your family or your business. The most urgent priority is to believe in yourself that you are more than capable of achieving all that you set out to do. You must want to banish from your mind all limitations that give rise to doubts such as whether something can be done or you lack certain quality or experience.

The only limitations on what you can achieve are found in your mind. Your limited thinking is largely the result of your false beliefs. If you believe you can’t have or do something, the net effect is that you won’t have or can’t do the thing. You form your beliefs from your experiences, perceptions and assumptions.

Many of you think wrongly that you are victims of circumstances. What you fail to realize is that it's you who create your own circumstances and in the process you create your limitations. These limitations place a limit on what you can achieve in life. If you are a successful person, you know very well that every obstacle you came across if interpreted as failure would not have made you successful.

Whether your limited beliefs accurately reflect reality or not is not important to you. What is important to you is you accept them. If you regard them as true, then they are true to you.

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