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Facing up to your limitations

Before you can face up to your limitations, you need to know if you have limitations in your thinking. To deny you have none is not likely to be true. Everyone has limitations in their thinking. It is only the degree that varies. Limitations cause you to behave in ways that you are unconscious of. It is by recognizing them and facing up to them that you can take the next step towards eliminating them.

Your limited thinking dictates the ways you act and behave, and your interactions with other people. Your reaction to or against something tells a lot about how you feel about yourself. For example, why do you react with anger? Having the negative emotion of anger is itself a limitation. By displaying your anger you are portraying yourself as a person of lower standard than the other person who is not easily aroused to anger.

You may be jealous of or even curse others who possess more than you. They are wealthier, have bigger houses and more expensive cars. But be careful, curses are known to boomerang on those who curse. Instead of wallowing in self-pity due to lack of what others have, you can resort to be prosperous or having plentiful of what you desire in life. There is everything in abundance in this world. You can just go and get it and when you do, don’t use a spoon, use a big scoop or better still a bucket and get as much as you like. Remember, the only limitation is in your mind, so stop thinking they can, and I can’t.

Why compare yourself with others and suffer limitations that can only make you feel you are not as good as other people. You feel you are not as intelligent, good-looking, talented, tall, or strong that you notice in other people. They have striking characteristics and you become rather indignant and envious and fill yourself with self-pity. Such undesirable feelings do not help a bit. Understand that everyone has their imperfections. You are no exception. Instead, you must always bear in mind that your self-worth does not come from comparing with others. Besides, your self-perception may well be wrong. You could be just as intelligent, good-looking, and talented if not more.

You are special in your own way for everyone is a unique being, so how can you compare two persons who are unique? What is unique cannot be compared. If they can be compared, then they are no longer unique. So if you have to compare at all, compare yourself with yourself. For example, look at your condition now and your condition one year or two years ago with regard to appearance, fitness, and wealth. It is possible that you actually look younger now than your past self. Some people become more attractive as they grow older. You could be one of them. You could be richer than ever before due to more savings, job promotion, etc. All these are real, not mere dreams when you exercise unending self-improvement.

Self-imposed limitation tends to direct you to focus only on unworthy little things. Always remember you are potentially capable of great things in life. Be daring and opt for a risky undertaking. When you do, pay little heed to your limitations and weaknesses. Instead, concentrate your energies on your strengths and abilities. Experiencing anxiety and limitations is inevitable given that this is your first major venture. Strive to feel none or less of it, and with great enthusiasm set forth on the bold journey. Be prepared to run into difficulties and overcome them with sheer hard work. Be totally self-confident but not over-confident. However, be fully aware that there are obstacles to be respected and overcome. Failing to observe this raises considerably the risks that you may be unable to cope adequately.

Accepting the truth can be very difficult for many people. It’s time you faced up to the truth that you have accepted incorrect assumptions, false beliefs and wrong perception of reality that have caused you to think only within your limitations. You have become limited by the reality as you perceive it to be and not by actual reality, but you can increase your awareness of your reality by examining it. You can only be successful to the extent that you are willing to eliminate your limitations by discarding your mistaken beliefs.