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Overcoming your limitations

You are not born into this world to lack anything. There is enough to go around for everyone. It is up to each of you to collect how much you want using a spoon or a bucket. It’s up to you to act or behave in accordance with your thinking of limitation or abundance. If your thinking is dominated by limitation, you are likely to believe it’s not in your nature to enjoy the abundance of life and you willingly submit to an existence of scarcity, from which you adopt an attitude of lack and limitation.

We need to take a long, hard look at ourselves and recognize that we are capable of having whatever we want. We experience what we think of most of the time. If we mentally insist that we cannot have this or that due to some perceived reasons, we are likely to act to fulfill our limitations. Conversely, if we are absolutely convinced that we can change things for the better for ourselves, we create conditions that facilitate our actions to realize the desired outcome.

You can achieve almost anything in life.What you need is a great desire. The intensity of your desire determines your probability of achieving what you want. As the intensity of your desire increases so does your probability. Your burning desire coupled with your indomitable will to learn all that is required to achieve your goal makes any achievement inevitable.

Our limitations are never due to outside conditions. They always come from within us. To change our limitations, we need to identify the cause and deal directly and effectively with it. But most people try to change the external conditions and circumstances thinking they are the cause. This is a fruitless attempt. To remove the cause we have to look within us that is where it all happens. Change the cause and the desired effect automatically follows.

Once you realize that you cannot gain lasting happiness or satisfaction from achieving your potential from outside sources, the sooner you can become aware of the limitations of your external world. You then cease to seek remedy outside of yourself. You can begin to look inwards for all the solutions that you desire. It is always the inside-out approach that works. Dwell constantly on your limitations and they continue to reside in you.

Whatever your current circumstances are, there is always room for improvement. Believe strongly in yourself and your untapped potential. Realize that your true potential has not been fully developed. It is possible that you have as many qualities as, if not more than, other people who are more successful than you. Renounce your beliefs that you lack intelligence, education, wealth, fitness, health, good look, height, physical strength, social skill, etc. Ignore those who pass unfavourable comments regarding your appearance and abilities. Repeatedly replace your negative thoughts with positive ones until your mind is conditioned to think only positively. Being a positive thinker, you automatically banish from your mind all negative thoughts, and thus limitations.

Transforming your mind begins with changing the way you think. Acknowledge no limitations and there are none in your mind. Think great thoughts and remain great; think small thoughts and continue to be small. The choice is yours.