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You create your limitations

If you are a person who constantly thinks negative thoughts, then whatever you do tend towards confirmation of your thinking of limitation. Your wrong self-perception, mistaken assumptions and negative thoughts are being realized because you are fully convinced they are true, and you dwell constantly on them. It is for this very reason that you have to regularly examine and improve what you perceive, assume, think about and believe.

Things do not simply happen to you. You make or allow them to happen to you. And in the process, you create your own limitations. Think of the dissatisfaction you are currently experiencing in your life. Accept that you are solely responsible for thinking every one of your own thoughts, and if you feel any one of the thoughts is not right, it is well within your power to change it. The ability to identify your limitation that is holding you back from living the kind of life you want and eliminate it is the first essential step towards living a life of fulfillment.

Your actions and behaviour are limited by your limited thinking. You very much prefer to be where you are even if it is unpleasant to be where you are. Where you are is adequately protected and not exposed to any danger or risk. You feel certain to remain safe and unthreatened, and unlikely to be harmed. You shun competitive activities fearing defeat. This is your limitations at work. You already admit defeat even before you begin.It is said that the greatest failure in life is not losing, but not trying at all. Indeed, no one can be sure what the outcome would be if you had been a participant. You could very well be a winner.

Fear is a contributory factor to limited thinking. People who amass and store away their wealth are likely to experience limitation in their ability to accumulate more riches. It is this fear of spending, this unfounded fear of losing and diminishing their wealth that brings about a self-fulfillment prophecy that happens when they are eventually forced by circumstances to part with what they have. Wealth is generated by circulating it and not by hoarding.

You must watch your actions, behaviour, how you talk, how you feel and think to ensure they do not generate scarcity or limitations. Once you accept something as true, it influences how you live your life. Unless you change these wrong beliefs, you will continue to act and feel in accordance with your limitations. When you experience lack or anything negative, it is often the results of these limitations which must removed from your mind however hard it is to do it.

Your mind usually thinks both negative and positive thoughts. Failure to control your mind allows it to think mostly of negative thoughts that many people are unconsciously doing all the time. You need not be one of them. Your mind is just as capable of thinking positive thoughts. It is just a matter of repeated doing to make it a habit. Perhaps, it’s difficult to do that since you have been thinking negatively for a long time. But it’s not impossible to reverse it by giving a start to positive thinking. The sooner you start, the better of course it is for you. If you consciously give constant attention to only positive thoughts, you develop the ability to behave, feel and act in ways that give you great strengths and complete confidence. You then cease altogether to be a negative thinker.