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The lesson is patience

Motivational Story Time

“Achim, I was with my grandfather over the weekend and something happened there. Mom and dad were both at work, and I was home with grand papa,” that’s how she started her story describing her 80 year old wisdom library.

She continued by saying that she visited her old grandfather who could no longer see very well. As they sat in front of their house chatting, a dove flew in and perched on the window sill.

The grandfather asked Ruiqi, “Ruiqi, is that a dove that perched on the window?".

Ruiqi replied, "Yes grandfather".

After a short while, the grandfather asked Ruiqi the same question a second time and got the same answer. When he asked the same question the third time, Riqi became angry and rebuked him saying, “This is why I hate visiting you nowadays; you keep repeating questions. I used to rely on your wisdom. You used to be my library of wisdom but now I am sure you have grown too old to tell me more wisdom".

The old man was silent for about 10 minutes, and then he asked his granddaughter Ruiqi to go into his bedroom and fetch his old diary. Ruiqi did as the grandfather requested. Then the grandfather asked her to read page 8 of the diary.

Ruiqi read as follows, “My granddaughter Ruiqi is 4 years old today, 29th March 1998. As we sat in front of the house playing near Nanhu park, a dove flew in and perched on the window. Ruiqi asked me 20 times if it was a dove. I gladly replied "yes" to each question. I cannot explain in words how happy I am that my grand daughter has learned to talk. What a wonderful day to remember!"

Ruiqi dropped the diary on the ground. Then she cried and apologized to her grandfather.

The old man spoke again, "Enough my granddaughter, one mistake cannot make you less a person, but repeating the same mistake over and over again can kill any person. I've chosen today to teach you the final lesson before I depart this world. The lesson for today is Patience. Always be kind and considerate to the less privileged; this is how you'll stand out in eternity. Be nice to everyone on your way up; you'll definitely meet them again on your way down!"