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Negative qualities
If we are under a delusion, we are having a belief, an idea, an opinion or a feeling that is not in accordance with a generally accepted reality. We are deluding our own selves or allowing ourselves to be deluded without an awareness of it. We are able to maintain our false belief, which basically what delusion is all about, despite indisputable evidence to the contrary.

The major obstacle to knowing is the delusion that we are a know-all. Admitting that we do not know fully is the initial step to free ourselves from this delusion. If we truthfully and willingly confess to our own selves that we may not know everything, we make it possible for ourselves to acquire knowledge, develop a quality, learn a new skill, explore new areas, experience new ideas, ways of life, etc.

We hold tightly to our false beliefs or delusions because we opine our beliefs are the ‘right’ ones or are the truth. To us, this is a logical conclusion, otherwise we wouldn’t believe it. But almost never do we realize that our beliefs can be negatively influenced or grossly distorted. Several factors come into play to make this possible. They could be false or mistaken views or opinions, misinterpretations, assumptions, misperceptions, or inaccurate data.

Once we have resolved in our mind that our beliefs are ‘right’, nothing or no one could dissuade us from holding fast onto them. All experiences or reasons that led to the formation of the beliefs are not so easily changed or removed by reasoning or arguments because they are held together by a strong conviction, and by our stubborn refusal to change our attitudes or positions, or confront the truth.

If we allow ourselves a minor error or a transgression and accept it as a sole exception, then we are placing ourselves under a foolish and dangerous delusion. Allowing ourselves just one undisciplined act is an indication of the loss of self-discipline. Loss of self-discipline leads to more undisciplined acts. It is tantamount to opening the floodgates which make it possible for a lot of errors or transgressions to happen which were prevented from happening before.

A breach of discipline is very likely to affect other disciplines. For example, say, we are a man of principle and we swear never to drink alcohol. One day, we allow ourselves only one drink justifying it as just one exception. What happens next is one drink results in more drinks. Addiction may follow. We may next allow ourselves one smoke and we may end up being a smoker. It is important here that we preserve our self-discipline in all areas so that we do not delude ourselves into thinking that only one minor act which is contrary to our principle is harmless. A breakdown of discipline in one area is just as likely to cause a breakdown in another area.

Living a life under delusion could very well retard our self-development or progress in our life or even disrupt our very life. Unless we come to our senses and realize the sooner the better that what we are living under is not sensible, there will come a time when we look back and see what a fool we have been. We can only recall with painful regret the missed opportunities which we would have seized to realize all our dreams, and do all that we could have done.

Ultimately, we have to confront our own reality. We have to know who we are and what we want in life. If we discipline ourselves to face the truth of our circumstances that we are poor or are nobodies, we who are prudent and with self-respect would be spurred into action. If we willingly accept the truth rather than fantasizing about being somebody, the truth will free us from self-delusion.