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Negative qualities
Failure is an act of not doing something which should be done completely, and it applies to those who give up. But to those who don’t give up that easily, it is certainly a constructive feedback. There are important advice and information to be gleaned from this valuable feedback. As you gather more valuable information, you inevitably move closer and closer to accomplishing your goals. Failures are temporary delays for they hold you back briefly on your path to success. Anyone who fails even more than once is not a failure unless they quit. What is important is to not even think about failure, let alone be concerned about it.

You learn not only from your success. You learn from your so-called failure too. Failure provides you with valuable lessons as you make great effort to achieve something. The things you learn ensure you do not repeat the same mistakes and help you to improve on what you have been doing. You learn not just from your own mistakes, you learn from other sources as well. These include people who have not done well with their life. They can provide a thing or two that serve as a warning or encouragement. If you ignore past mistakes, you are liable to commit them again.

When something you are doing results in failure, often it is the limitations in your own mind that cause it. When you are not positive or limited in your thinking, you tend to encounter seemingly endless problems and difficulties instead of solutions and opportunities. For example, you feel daunted by what you are doing. You feel unsure as to whether or not you will be able to cope with it. Your lack of optimism and complete self-confidence causes you to make mistakes which you would not make if you were optimistic and self-confident.

Lacking positive thinking makes you feel you are undeserving of anything positive and it can prove disastrous in whatever you are doing. But you must remember that you attract into your life what you feel worthy of. Likewise, you attract what you feel negative about. You wouldn't want to attract anything negative into your life. Thinking positively is therefore the only option. To think positively, you just have to believe in yourself as a person worthy of success. To experience the kind of success that you desire, you must commit yourself to discarding your mistaken beliefs which caused your limitations. Thinking positively makes you feel motivated, enthusiastic and optimistic. Optimism is an essential ingredient for success.

It’s worth persisting with your efforts in spite of difficulties and occasional setbacks until you succeed in getting what you want. You may fail over and over again, but it is still worthy of all your efforts to persevere because it is your one final success that counts. Once success is yours, it consigns everything that you have gone through including those failures, obstacles and difficulties to insignificance. Your ultimate achievement is all that matters and all the more sweeter as you know you have overcome those problems.

To avoid forming the habit of failure, it is required of you to have self-discipline. Self-discipline which is as good as unwavering determination is urgently required to complete what you set out to do. If you are unsure as to whether you are able to do or complete what you plan to do, the best suggestion is not to start at all. Failure to complete something you are doing or you abandon it partway through is going to make a very considerable dent in your self-confidence. And you are very likely to repeat your failure. In other words, you will quit easily. After all, you have quitted before, so why not another time. If you start on something, go on with it until you finish no matter what.

In the course of trying and striving, every one of you encounters problems and difficulties. Giving up seems to be the easiest solution. Those with the winning attitude persist in their quest for success, but others equate failing with failures. So each time they fail, they feel like a failure. They then quit. Usually, those who quit possess knowledge or talent and potential for any kind of achievement. This accounts for the large number of those highly qualified individuals who have not attained the kind of success which they deserved. They unfortunately are real failures because they quit.

Those who experience failure and never quit are those who possess strong determination to succeed coupled with the firm belief in the potency of those little words of “I can and I will”. The great power, influence, or effect these words possess can never be overstated. Affirm them frequently where you are and in whatever you do, and feel the big difference. When you experience moments when things seem tough and your mind loses its strength, just utter these words with absolute conviction and feel a genuine upsurge of energy and the unmistakable self-belief within you.

Those who experience failure must realize that failure does not in any way reduce your potential. Failures in fact equip you with greater knowledge, and are a welcome diversion in your quest for happiness or success.