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Negative qualities
We always want more, not less of anything such as food, money, power, possessions, etc. This is a way of behaving that is natural and common to most human beings. It is perfectly normal to seek or strive for more. So we can’t say every one of us is greedy. But there is a small minority of people who have a very strong wish to continuously get more than they need.

Greediness is neither positive nor negative. If the power of greediness is harnessed productively, it can be a great motivator. It provides us with a strong motive that makes us want to do or achieve something. It can motivate us to be creative and enterprising, improve our lives and contributes to our well-being.

Whether greediness is positive or negative is determined by the manner it is utilized for our purposes. If we are motivated by greed to gain something with nothing to give in return, or something that we simply do not deserve, or something at the expense of someone, then greediness is used as a negative quality that can be very harmful. At the extreme, some people killed and some do not hesitate to kill to satisfy their greed.

We all have our own individual desires, needs, wants and wishes. Our happiness and satisfaction are important to us, and only we know how to satisfy ourselves with a deep feeling of contentment. At a restaurant, we order our foods selectively to suit our personal tastes and budgets. We feel our own feelings and we know what is best for us. Our desire to care for our own selves is seemingly selfish. It is our nature to be selfish in this particular manner, and is not morally wrong.

Some people have devoted all their lives to the care of the unfortunate people. Such devotion to the welfare of others appears they have entirely altruistic motives. But is it really? They may be driven by personal greed for recognition for their selfless devotion to the cause of the poor, deprived, homeless, etc. Though prompted by selfish motives, they have nonetheless brought enormous benefits to a vast number of people.

Greed in itself is not necessarily a negative quality. It depends on what one is greedy for and the manner employed in satisfying one’s greed. Greed usually inflicts immense harm when it is for power or wealth.