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All about thinking negatively

No one can claim themselves free from negative thinking. All of us think negatively from time to time throughout our entire lives. The degree of negativity varies among people. Some people are extremely negative in their outlook, some are mildly negative in their attitude to life while others are slightly negative in their point of view.

Most of our negative thinking is focused on our own selves. When we have negative thoughts about ourselves, we create our own limitations. Our negative thoughts are actually our false beliefs. If we believe we are incapable of doing something, we produce an impression in our mind that we are not able to do something. The impression is merely a feeling or an opinion, and not necessarily the truth.

Our limitations are derived from our bad experiences and distorted perceptions which are brought about by our negative thinking. We make wrong assumptions too and this too are the product of our negative thinking. We do not care if they are an accurate reflection of reality or otherwise. What’s important to us is how we regard them. If we consider them to be true, then they are true to us. Our limitations can blight the lives of us till our last breath or until we change.

Negative thinking is not without advantages. Despite its harmful effects, negative thinking can be viewed as a positive quality, especially so when it restrains us from making hasty decisions that end with bad results or in painful regret. It prevents us from taking unnecessary risks which may prove costly or even endanger our lives. For example, because of our doubts, we refrain from getting involved unwittingly in a sophisticated financial fraud or joining in a long organized journey that turns out to be dangerous.

More harm than good is obtained from thinking negatively. We must be fully aware of the damaging effects negative thinking has on our lives, and spare no effort to totally eliminate it, or if that is not possible to at least minimize it. We deserve to live our lives feeling hopeful and confident, and thinking about what is good in a situation rather than what is bad. We must have the power of positive thinking over the decisions that affect our lives.