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Free yourself from negativity

If your attitude is terribly negative, it’s a strong indication that you have been continuously infusing negative self-talk into your own self. Self-talk is the way you frequently talk to yourself, either aloud or quietly in your mind. It is everything, which in this case is everything negative, you say to yourself about yourself. Negative self-talk is the main culprit that has transformed you into a persistent negative thinker although there are other factors that contribute to your negative personality.

Being able to identify your self-talk as a major cause of your negative thinking is an essential first step towards eliminating the negative side of your character. Most of the time, you are not aware that you are self-talking negatively. After all, it's a habit to a vast number of people. If you suddenly realize that those words you say to yourself are self-defeating, immediately replace them with positive ones, or stop your self-talk completely and repeat in a positive manner those negative remarks or statements you have just made to yourself. For example, you might have said “I don’t think I can do it.” This time you overwrite your negative statement by saying “I think I can do it.”

One symptom of negative people is their failure to restrain themselves from commenting unfavourably on or criticizing unfairly about other people. This practice is not just good manner. You don’t want to cause deep hurt in them and this involves controlling your emotions. Neither do you want adverse comments or damaging criticisms leveled at you. Sometimes, it’s beyond your control. People do what they do. Do not overreact. Try to be understanding and tolerant of their behaviour. Understand they are beside themselves. Walk away if you have to. But never let what negative things they say about you sink into your subconscious.

Stay away from an environment that is not conducive to a happy feeling. You can sense an environment, whether it’s friendly or a hostile environment, and act in your best interests. For example, in an office environment office politics could be rampant. It causes a lot of problems for you and makes you very unhappy. Working there turns your life into hell. It’s really not worth working there anymore. So you move away from the place and seek employment elsewhere. This is probably the best choice you can make in such a situation although at times, it may not be the only choice. Nor is it easy to give up a job.

Keep away from sources such as the mass media that can adversely affect the way you think. The heavy coverage the mass media give to violent and horrible crimes, senseless killings, brutal murders, etc. hardly contribute to developing a positive mindset. When people are constantly exposed to the sight of cruelty and savageness, their conscience becomes so numbed that they are not able to feel any emotions or to think clearly. Some may even pick up ideas to commit copycat crimes or murders. The best option here is to avoid excessive watching of negative and unhelpful television programmes.

Dismiss negative thinking from your mind. But this is no easy task to perform as negative thinking has become a habit for many people. Getting rid of an attitude that is so firmly entrenched is very difficult. Still, hard effort is required if one is intent on improving one’s life.