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Negative thinking is a bad habit

Since when have you become a negative thinker? If you have developed a negative self-image, you will have filled up your mind with negative thoughts about yourself. Your self-image is the way you feel about your personality and abilities, and built largely from past conditioning and experiences. Negative thinking is inevitable if you have a poor self-image.

Thinking negatively is habit-forming and many people have acquired this habit without realizing it. What they say and think to themselves is always negative, and this endless self-dialogue continuously reinforces their negativity. Unless they become aware of it, there is nothing to overcome this regular tendency.

The harmful effects of the negative words they use on themselves severely disrupt their quest for personal happiness or success. Their negative thoughts grossly distort their perception of external stimuli. A ‘no’ to them can only be interpreted as an outright rejection. They are gripped by real fear each time they hear or read about a tragic event such as a killing that has occurred as they feel they could be the next victim.

If you think you are not going to succeed in what you are trying to achieve or are expected to do, chances are you will fail to succeed. It’s as simple as that with negative thinking. If you believe people don’t like you, whatever they say or do will be interpreted by you in a negative way to fit your belief, even though they have no intention to be hostile in what they say or do. A constructive criticism from an external source if graciously accepted can be very helpful, but once again, it is misread.

Sometimes you meet tactless people who are likely to upset or embarrass you without intending to. They can be rather careless about what they say or do. If you are a negative thinker, such negative communication from someone to you will have a devastating impact on you that can last a lifetime. It would therefore be wise to avoid negative situations, or if not knowing that, simply walk away from difficult people.

As can be seen, nothing good can be derived from having a negative attitude. It’s in your best interests to banish negative thinking from your mind. For a start, watch what you say to yourself that nothing negative goes into it. Do it every time you talk to yourself till it becomes a habit that is a good habit.