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Never have that inferior feeling

Are you one of those who feel inferior? Feeling inferior is a terrible feeling which you should never have if you know that no one is born inferior. Much of your inferior feeling comes from comparing yourself with other people. However, it could be a belief which you have held on to since your childhood. As this belief is obviously false, you can change it.

When you feel inferior you feel you are not good enough, or not as good as someone else. You think other people are better than you. They are courageous, energetic, talented, successful or good-looking. You want to be like them but you know you can’t. When you think about it, you feel hopeless and resentful. You are completely convinced that other people look down on you as you are useless and unattractive.

How you feel about yourself does affect badly your choices in life. You are stuck with your present job as you are totally lacking in self-confidence to move on to a better job. You do not feel happy or secure and you tend to avoid social gathering and personal relationships.

You are born, like all babies, with immense self-confidence and without self-consciousness or shyness, and with neither inferior nor superior feeling. You are comfortable and interested in people around you. You learn from what people say and do. However, as you grow you learn and are told many things, some of which are negative such as you are not as talented as other children. You believe what you learn and are told. Your ill treatment as a child can give you a strong sense of inferiority.

Your environment too can easily erode the confidence you have of yourself. Other children and your teacher too pass adverse comments about you which you accept as true. Unpleasant personal experiences such as encountering discrimination through racism or disability, being poor or poor performance in school can worsen considerably your feeling of inferiority.

As a small child, you are too young to understand why your parents, teachers or peers say what they say to you, or treat you the way they do. These are your new experiences and they have a huge impact on you. You automatically assume they are true. Perhaps, you feel you are born like that and can’t change.

Feeling inferior can make you feel frightened of other people. This is because you fear when they find out that you are feeling inferior, they will take advantage of you, reject you or look down on you. You dare not get close to or mix with them. This leaves you feeling lonely as well. When you see yourself as being inferior, you are constantly conscious of how you look and what you say or do. As long as you feel inferior, this is your constant worry.

It’s important for you to understand that no one is superior or inferior. Everybody is normal but unique. Everyone is brought up in different circumstances, so comparison can never be justifiable. Every one of you whether rich or poor has your own advantages in life and none of you can escape the pain of living. All of you experience joy, sadness, anger, fear, old age and death. You all live your life in the best way you know how. It’s pointless to be envious of others.