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Home NLP Presuppositions 10. People make the best choices available to them

People make the best choices available to them

NLP Presuppositions
People make the best choice available to them at any given time. Whether the choice made is negative or positive, it is the best choice available to them given the circumstances they are in at that time. If offered a better choice, they will take it.

They make their choice based on their own unique personal experiences. If their choice is incorrect or strange from other people’s point of view, it is still an indication of the best choice they have. With their own map of the world, they perceive it to be the best choice they are faced with at that moment. In making that choice, they cannot foresee the adverse consequences, if any. Otherwise, they would refrain from making that choice.

People make a bad choice because they are not aware that a better choice is available. If given a better choice they would take it. The more choices they have, the more they are able to adopt appropriate behaviours or deal with any situations and achieve whatever their goals are. However, the choices available to them have to be suitable and acceptable for them to be considered as additional options.

Every one of us has choices in dealing with problems, situations and other people’s behaviour. We naturally identify the best choice to achieve the desired outcome. Knowing that other people’s behaviour however unusual or unpleasant reflects the best choice they perceive available to them at the given time, we can then change our and their behaviour by recognizing more and better choices.