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We have all the resources we need to succeed

NLP Presuppositions

We have all the resources we need to succeed or we can create them. We do indeed possess them. Our thinking must be geared to believe that we do have all these resources that we can utilize to make changes in our life or to achieve what we want. It is for us to recognize them and access them. These resources are available internally and externally.

What really are these resources? They may be categorized as follows:

  1. Physical assets: money, buildings, equipment, and other material possessions, etc.
  2. People: relatives, friends and colleagues, etc.
  3. Personal qualities: skills, health, intelligence, knowledge and competence, etc.
  4. Role models: historical, living and fictional characters from books, films and television, etc.
Whenever we do not achieve an outcome, we tend to blame other people, external circumstances, our ill-luck or even our own selves. We either fail to realize that we possess the resources to attain the achievements we aim for or we do not make efficient use of the resources. We are responsible for the well-being of ourselves. A positive mental state is a crucial factor in the attainment of success. No one can influence how we feel if we do not allow ourselves to be influenced. We have a choice over how we react to external circumstances.

Where there are qualities which we do not have yet, we can always seek to develop them through learning, training, emulating role models and self-improvement. We can learn, say writing and computing skills for a job or undergo weight training twice a week that is required to achieve our aim. To improve our public speaking, we can emulate a great public speaker by observing closely his mannerism, body language and his articulation when he delivers his speeches.

At times, it may be necessary to alter our goals to suit our resources. With growing realization that we are no longer competitive in swimming, we may choose to be a swimming coach or a lifeguard. Failure to get an executive job due to lack of professional qualifications does not necessarily preclude one from obtaining a managerial post. One can still upgrade one’s status by acquiring additional resources through experience and training.

Each one of us possesses our own natural aptitude or skill. We who are unaware of or fail to identify our inner resources tend to be lacking in self-confidence and this can cause feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. There are those among us who needlessly underestimate their latent potential. Positive self-belief is of vital importance to them as it empowers them to achieve their goals. It is therefore essential that we cultivate an awareness of the resources that we possess by believing that every one of us is endowed with at least some qualities or abilities. We just need to identify and acquire them in order to bring about any outcome we desire with minimal dependence on others for our success.

Our resources will not be of much help if we are not being realistic in setting goals for success. Expecting unrealistic outcomes can be very demotivating and only lead to adverse effects. With a height of only five feet, one is presumably realistic enough not to aim at becoming a professional basketball player. Neither would a forty years old woman want to train to be a ballet dancer if she is being realistic. However, height and age is not a barrier in some sports or other areas of activities.

Being conscious of the fact that we have all the resources we need to bring about change and success in our life gives us the ability to prepare for and deal with any eventuality by drawing on our resources rather than depending on other people for their resources.