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Human behaviour is purposeful

NLP Presuppositions
Whether or not we behave and act with or without conscious decisions, there is a strong purpose or reason behind each behaviour and action. Most of the times, we are not conscious of our behaviour or actions. For example, we drink or eat when we are thirsty or hungry. Thirst and hunger are therefore the purpose for our behaviour of drinking and eating. We do things consciously too when we are motivated by a purpose.

In NLP behaviour includes thoughts as well as actions, and most of our behaviour is governed by our unconscious mind. How often have we all done something without awareness of the consequences of our actions? We are more concerned about the intentions or goals behind them. Our behaviour is always to get something favourable or advantageous to us regardless of whether it is morally or immorally acquired. Some people’s behaviour may seem undesirable or unwelcome to us. But we tend to be more tolerant if we do not fail or refuse to realize that they have a purpose for their behaviour or that they have to do what they have done.

It is not implied here that all behaviour must only be morally permissible. Some human behaviour can be totally unacceptable, especially a terrible act of cruelty. But even the person committing a barbaric act has a positive purpose for doing it from his or her point of view though members of society stand to differ. For example, she murdered him for his money or a needy person’s goal is to obtain money by criminal means. They have a purpose for such an action and that is all that matters to them. We find their acts unjustifiable but here, we are not concerned with the morality of the act, just the purpose for it. In other words, everything everybody does has a reason behind it.

Being fully aware that all behaviour has a strong purpose does help us in living our life. We can develop the ability to understand and share the feelings of others who have chosen to behave in a particular way. Or we can be extremely careful to avoid potential problems or dangers from those whom we know or suspect harbour aggressive or violent intentions. Even the ultimate self-destruction of suicide has a positive intention. Once we get to understand the reasons for the suicidal act such as seeking a permanent remedy for all the insurmountable problems or to forever escape the agonies that are being endured, we may not find them senseless or selfish.

The desire to realize an outcome is the cause of our acting in a purposeful way in every situation. So it’s a fact that human behaviour is purposeful.