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People create their own experience

NLP Presuppositions
What happens around us does not seemingly constitute our experience. What does is what goes on in our heads. Say, we are sitting out in the porch daydreaming, what then is our experience? Is it what goes on in the surrounding area or what we dream about? It may not appear obvious but our experience is what we think, or in this case what we dream about.

When we are daydreaming, we are using our senses in the normal way; we create the inner pictures, sounds and feelings, and depending on the dream, taste and smell. We become unaware of what goes on immediately around us although we are fully awake and all our sensory organs are functioning as usual. It is these inner senses of ours that have taken control, and for the moment, our inner experience is all that we dream about.

We usually think what we want to think and this creates our experience which unavoidably is a subjective representation of reality. This is due largely to our perception of the outside world being influenced by our beliefs, presumptions, and values acquired as we live our life. We are free to choose how we want to feel or what state we want to be in. It is how we interpret external events that make us have happy, sad or bad experience.

If we view a film show as awfully boring while another person regards the same show as interesting, to us it will be remembered as a boring experience while to the other person, it is a different experience. The question inevitably arises as to how individuals watching the same film have opposite feelings. One reason for our different opinions is our thinking preference; in other words, which of our senses we prefer to use inwardly.

How we use our senses on the outside does affect our thinking and experience on the inside. However, we can change our experience by changing how we use our senses on the inside. We thus have the free choice to create the kind of experience we want – a painful or a pleasant one.