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Life is about making choices. Everything is a matter of choice. You make choices throughout your entire life. Who you are; what you are; and where you are is largely determined by the choices and decisions you made in the past. It is all in your hands, not luck or fate. You decide your destiny by the choices you make. It is your instinct to make the best choices for yourself. But unfortunately, not every choice you make is a right or wise one.

Your present condition is the result of what you have chosen to do, or have chosen not to do or failed to do. But it's never too late to aim to improve your condition. You think your own thoughts and feel your own feelings whether positive or negative is always the result of a choice that you have made. The choice is always yours to feel angry, sad or happy, or to react positively or negatively to, say, change.

The external events may be beyond your control. But it is well within your power to choose your attitude and your settled way of thinking or feeling in response to them. When you adopt a positive attitude to your problems, you have a high probability that you can overcome them successfully. At the same time, you feel strongly motivated to accept responsibility to refrain from negative behaviour.

The choice you make to associate with people can change your outlook on life. Be extremely selective in your choice of a friend, companion, mate or a partner in business or marriage. Your success and happiness depend largely on your relationships with them. There are people who constantly complain, criticize and condemn. Avoid them like the plague. They bring no joy to your life.

A careful choice of words is of paramount importance. Words have the power to arouse emotions and elicit positive or negative response. They can create fear, anger, anxiety, or tension or positive emotions within you. Using the right words can empower you to tackle any problem however difficult it is. You are always in control of how you feel by using appropriate words to describe what you perceive.

When you unconsciously make a choice based on past conditioning of your mind, you are not making a conscious decision. This means you are compelled to act, feel and think in accordance with your conditioned mind. Making a choice implies being consciously aware of making a choice. This stage is reached when you cease to allow your past conditioning to dictate your choice. Only then can it be said that you are really making a choice.

Life makes the choice for you if you do not do it yourself, and usually it is not the choice you want. This is the reason we find ourselves always being programmed to think or act unconsciously. Do you want to decide for yourself or do you want to let someone else make the decisions for you? Do not allow that to happen to you as you always have the choice to do or believe what you want. You need not adhere to a belief if it is false or proves impractical. You can always choose to change it.

You are often reluctant to make a choice when you convince yourself that you cannot decide or do not know what to do. The fears of failure or committing a stupid mistake underlie much of your reluctance to choose. It can also be that you are afraid of displeasing other people or what others will think if you do something. By not choosing to act, the problem remains, and by evading the problem, it will never be resolved.

As we choose and create our reality, it is in our best interests to focus only on positive things which have a positive influence on what goes on in our life. It enables us to strive for perfection in whatever we do. If we choose and accept instead negative qualities such as limitation and worry, that precisely is what we will experience in our life. The limitations of the past and worries of the future create problems and difficulties in our present life. They however can be eliminated by making a firm choice of not dwelling on the past or future. We must constantly bear in mind that it is the now that matters.

You know you have the power to decide for yourself whenever you choose to do something, and not because you have to do it. It means you can be anything, do anything or have anything. You don’t have to please anybody. However, you run the risk of upsetting some people whenever you make a choice as their values contradict yours. They see you as you really are, not the way they prefer you to be. The alternative for you is to do nothing to retain their approval and affection, and this absolutely is not an option.

Choose always to interpret events in a way that empowers you. You do this by creating circumstances rather than let circumstances determine you. If someone has offended you, you have a choice to place yourself in a negative state by dwelling on what he has done to you and attempting repeatedly to understand why he has done that to you, or you can interpret the action as a test of your ability to react positively and move on.

It is essential that you develop at least a sufficient level of self-worth that empowers you to act on your free choice without outside influence. Lacking a sense of intrinsic self-worth, you lose your power to choose, and are always seeking to please or to be approved by others before you can act. Your loss of personal freedom to act consequently gives rise to feelings of resentment and anger within you. You feel victimized that leads to the erosion of your self-esteem.