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You are determined when you have made a firm decision to continue making attempts at achieving what you have decided despite the difficulties you are likely to encounter. The sooner you cease believing that someone or something external is the determinant of your success or achievement, the sooner you stop looking outside of yourself for help. If you seek solution outside of yourself, you are wasting precious time. There is no solution out there even if you attempt to obtain it with determination.

The answer to a problem or attaining a goal lies with you. To find the real solution, you need to look inward to see what changes are necessary to make you a determined person. You need to take control of yourself. Your success is the direct result of the decision you made, and the availability within you of a strong determination, an unshakeable faith and an immense enthusiasm that you possess. It is not due to luck as it appears to be to most people.

If you are motivated by a deep desire for something such as money and fame, you self-generate the level of determination and courage to surmount all obstacles and attain your objectives. You therefore need to have the strong desire and equally strong determination so that whatever you will ever be and whatever you will ever accomplish will be the result of these qualities you possess. Your strong determination will overcome all the influences that are going to deter your potential for success. Be the master of your own self and develop the quality of determination to ensure you succeed in anything you choose even when it is difficult.

Determination alone is not enough to bring about the kind of life you want. Besides the burning desire, you need perseverance and persistence just as much. When you resolve not to quit along the way to your goal, then you are persisting. If it is your resolve to continue your course of action in spite of difficulty or when success seems so distant, you are persevering. Persistence and perseverance combined with unwavering determination is the perfect mix that ensures your inevitable success.

You know you have to persevere and persist when you realize the ultimate success is a long way off. It is a big mistake to think there is a short-cut to success or it is possible to get rich quickly. You need the other quality of patience as well to strengthen your resolve to succeed. The main reason many people fail is the absence or deficiency of one of these qualities leading to the inability to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that are sure to crop up along the way.

Through your daily mental efforts and vigorous actions, you give added strength and support to your forward motion. At the same time, the vision of your achievement occurring in the future pulls you along forcefully in your progress towards a successful result. As you cope successfully with more and more obstacles that you encounter as you proceed, the goal of attainment becomes more assured.

Having determination is not confined to a few successful people. Each one of us is capable of developing the mental power of determination without which we are reluctant to initiate action to commit ourselves to deal goals. By constantly focusing all our attention on those ideals, we can be certain that we eventually attain them. The importance of determination cannot be overemphasized. Thus, if we are really serious about getting what we truly want out of life, a measure of determination is absolutely essential. Strong determination to achieve has distinguished many great men of the past.

Many men are weak in determination. They give up when success is within reach. What they need is just a little more patience and stamina, and victory would easily be theirs. Carefully decide on what you precisely want. Set the aim for yourself and with strong determination push forward till the desired outcome is produced. If your determination is so weak that it can easily be influenced by a negative thought in your head, then it is obvious that you are not ready to undertake full responsibility for any new changes.

So many things – big and small – could have been done if you use more determination, and stay with it until you obtain results. Failure always comes about when you give up easily or when you are partway through. When you allow yourself to breach your determination too many times, you never will have a strong determination to see anything through. As a result, you give up easily. To deal with this problem, it is necessary to use other characteristics that are present in you such as perseverance, persistence, and self-discipline.