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Patience - Trust
When you have persistence, you stick resolutely to an opinion or take an action or a series of actions in order to deal with a particular situation and refuse to give up in spite of difficulty or opposition. People fail not because of lack of ability or opportunities. They lack the persistence to overcome obstacles and difficulties they encounter.

A great victory or achievement is never accomplished without persistence. Every success that requires great patience and a great deal of hard effort to attain involves having persistence. In spite of this, many people still think it is possible to achieve a goal or get rich quickly. This is not so. Infinite patience, dogged determination and sheer persistence are essential qualities that one needs to possess if one is to succeed eventually.

Every time you persist whenever it is necessary to do so, you strengthen your power of persistence. To develop persistence you have to have self-discipline and the honest belief in your ability to persist. Self-discipline ensures you persist from beginning to end, and not give up partway or halfway through. Belief is a powerful feeling. When you strongly believe that you have the persistence to see things through, the real probability is that you will somehow have it to spur you on until eventual success.

There really is no substitute for persistence. Most of you are good at starting things but how many of you are good at finishing them? You throw in the towel at the first signs of trouble. You wouldn’t do that if you were a person in possession of persistence. You could instead think of revising or changing your plans, or replacing them. The new plans might not work and require further replacements to implement. But somehow you will eventually succeed for if there’s a will there’s a way. Indeed, if you want to be successful, you will find a way to succeed. And succeed you will if you can just persist.

The greater the success the higher is the level of persistence required. It is therefore an enormous advantage to develop as high a level of persistence as you possibly can. Most of you have varying degrees of persistence while some have none at all. This accounts for the astonishing ease with which some just give up. You all want to move ahead in life and make advancements in your career. But do you have the quality of persistence to do that? There is no alternative to developing your own levels of persistence.

Developing the quality of persistence raises your level of self-confidence. The combined feeling of persistence and confidence gives you the courage to take on any task or achieve any goal. When you have the courage to begin and persistence to continue, you know you are on the right track and will not think even for a moment of giving up until successful completion. There is very little you will fear to make any attempt at anything or that you cannot accomplish anything in life.

You may lack some qualities but may you not lack the essential quality of persistence. Persistence is a characteristic shared by all successful people. If you have to take on a task that proves daunting, you can with persistence make determined efforts to deal with the difficult task in a way you think best, such as breaking the task down into smaller more manageable units. Persistence required to tackle each unit is certainly a lot less intense than having to deal with the task as a whole.

Persistence is often mistaken with stubbornness. Having persistence means having the ability to persevere in spite of the ever-present obstacles and difficulties that you encounter. Persistence does not stipulate a rigid path that you must follow to attain your goal. You have considerable flexibility and discretion, and can choose how to do your things. It is different from stubbornness. You are stubborn when you work towards a solution which proved impractical, and you completely ignore the signs or information indicating your approach is wrong. Yet, you stubbornly proceed.

Many quit when success is just around the corner. If only they have persisted a bit more they would have attained it. Hence, it is ever important to remind yourself in whatever you do that success could be just a step away and a little more effort is all that is needed. Persistence is a worthy quality to have and is so essential for obtaining what you really want in order to enjoy your successful outcome which is always worth whatever ethical means is employed to attain it.

Whatever you are doing, be clear of the benefits that will accrue to you. If you are not certain of the benefits, your persistence and enthusiasm will be adversely affected. It is said that if you want to incorporate a good habit into your life, you need to practise it for 21 days successively. Persistence is absolutely necessary to practise persistence for that duration. The long persistence required is worthy of the benefit of a new positive habit.

When we are faced with adversity, an unhappy marriage, a troubled relationship or a difficult job but lack the persistence to overcome it, we are tempted to quit. This illustrates how vital persistence is in seeking solutions to problems. It is an essential element if we want to work hard to achieve our aim. Without persistence, our life will be without purpose or direction. We will never persevere. We merely drift along. We will not achieve or realize anything, gain happiness or satisfaction, or fulfil our true potential.

We are devastated but need not be destroyed by an unfortunate event or two. If persistence is what we need, let’s deliberately cultivate it, for without it we will be greatly disadvantaged. We all suffer temporary, major, severe or unexpected setbacks in life. It may be difficult but surely we are able to cope with them provided we possess persistence and faith, which are qualities we so often need to deal with life’s difficulties.

At times, we need to make a change in our attitude if we want to succeed. We may need to make bigger changes in ourselves to succeed in something bigger. Whatever it is, we set out steps we are to take, make plans or devise strategy to begin the process of change. Change is never easy, and the initial going is pretty tough. We are easily discouraged from proceeding further. But we are aware that it’s normal for things to become more difficult before they become easier. By sheer persistence, we should eventually get over the barriers, and cruise to our destination provided we make continuous progress, however little each step is along the way.

Lack of persistence may not lead to complete failure but it certainly takes a lot longer to be successful. It is a failure only when you give up. Always have the determination to insist on persisting until you fulfil your aim for it's you who will determine your own success. The choice is yours whether to persist or not.