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Self-acceptance implies accepting yourself unconditionally with all your past wrong doings and undesirable behaviours without offering justification for any of them, as well as acknowledging the worthiness that is inherent in each one of you.

All of you have your own strengths and limitations. But a vast number of you dwell consistently on your limitations, instead of your strengths, resulting in your believing that you are incompetent, deficient, inferior, bad, worthless, etc. This tends to lessen your self-esteem and self-confidence and this doesn't help in gaining self-acceptance. Such false beliefs pose the greatest challenge to you. To gain self-acceptance, you must positively identify your limiting beliefs with the view to replace them with true beliefs about yourself and act in accordance with them.

It is only when you are willing to accept yourself unconditionally are you open to change and eventual success in life. Think of all the things you have done in your life. The prizes you have won, the accomplishments you have made, the various exams you have passed, the things you have done for other people and the things they have done for you, all the possessions you have acquired through your hard work, and your talents and abilities. When you do that, you know you can easily accept yourself.

If you have not learnt to accept yourself up to now, now is the time to really start accepting your worthiness as a human being. Accept the fact that you will make mistakes in life just everyone else. You will not want to deliberately make mistakes, so don’t blame yourself. Neither will you want to give excuses for your mistakes. Accept your mistakes as feedback which you can use to guide you to success. Do not identify yourself with your mistakes. This tends only to make you feel you are a failure. Accept and apologize for your mistakes and learn from them, most importantly refrain from repeating them. As you make fewer mistakes, your level of self-acceptance soars.

The more you act in accordance with your moral values, the higher is your level of self-acceptance. Your level of self-acceptance increases as you practise more of it. When you accept yourself as a worthy being, it gives a tremendous boost to your self-image which is really essential to being the kind of person you wish to be.