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Home Self-assuredness


Self-assuredness is self-confidence and feeling calmly certain in conducting oneself responsibly, especially in a situation where one is judged by the way one behaves.

People in possession of self-assuredness manifests themselves in a variety of ways – they feel good, dress properly and conduct themselves with great dignity; they stand with erect posture, sit upright and walk with confident gait. They are easily perceived to be self-assured by speaking eloquently, the words they use or the things they say.

A self-assured person does not neglect his outward appearance. He knows that having a tired or dishevelled appearance is unlikely to project an image of self-assuredness. A person who presents a negative image is more liable to be ignored, taken advantage of, or fall victim to attempt at manipulation than another who exudes self-confidence.

Self-assured people are confident people. They appear entirely secure in themselves and so do not feel the need to brag unashamedly or behave arrogantly. They are friendly and are easy to talk to. As such, they attract other people to them and do not worry about how they feel inside when meeting new people.