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If a limitation is self-imposed, it is one that we have forced ourselves to accept and is not forced on us by somebody else. For example, our limitations which are the result of mistaken beliefs, wrong assumptions or false perceptions are self-imposed. As long as we do not accept them, no one can control our mind by imposing any forms of limitations on us.

Our limitations limit our thinking. But we need to think big if we want to succeed and be happy in life. There isn't a doubt about it. This cannot possibly happen if we accept self-imposed limitations blindly which result in serious character defects and personal failing.

If all our life we think small, we remain small. If we see ourselves as someone who can only run a small stall, then ever a small stall owner we will be. A personal prophecy is fulfilled. But is that a realistic image of our own selves? If we refuse to impose limit on our thinking, and give ourselves a chance, we could very well be managing a large self-owned business.

The complete removal of all self-imposed limitations is essential if we are seeking a way for self-improvement. Improvement is essential for us to emerge as a better and more successful person. We should not allow anything to hinder our efforts to accomplish positive change for ourselves. We deserve better things, and this is only possible if our mind is free from any limited thinking.

Our limited thinking dictates the way we act and behave. All the negative emotions such as fear, anger, hostility, annoyance, displeasure, etc that we experience are the effects of our misperceptions and wrong beliefs. It's we who have decided by ourselves to be filled with them. No external force forces them on us or influences us to own them. If we can just use a lot of our willpower not to internalize these emotions, we can be ever free from them.

To be able to handle our destructive emotions, especially fear and anger, we need to identify the causes that led us to become such emotional being. We should continue to be open-minded by willing to consider ideas and opinions that are new or different to our own. This means we must be prepared to challenge, disprove, question and test our flawed assumptions, incorrect perceptions and erroneous beliefs in the light of new evidence, incidents and personal experiences,

Some people are antisocial. It’s not that they choose not to be sociable. They are self-conscious, especially when they are in a crowd. They have this self-imposed belief that they do not possess good looks or are not able to engage in a long and interesting face-to-face conversation, and so they conclude they are certain to suffer ridicule or rejection at a party. Their feeling of personal inadequacy and shyness prevent them from making their first attempt at attending such a gathering. Even if they attend a gathering they are likely to read it as rejection if the people there are just as shy and slow to respond. By believing that their opinions of themselves are the only correct ones, their lives are likely to become devoid of social activities. Usually, other people do not share their way of thinking.

There are those who still cling tightly to a friend of the opposite sex with whom they no longer feel happy or share an interest in anything. Yet, they are rather fearful of separating themselves totally from him or her. They are terrified of loneliness. But more importantly, they have this self-imposed conviction that they are incapable of befriending or attracting someone else. They feel they are not good enough in a number of personal aspects. Their remedy lies in ridding themselves of their firmly held wrong opinions in order to be free.

If you have a set of self-imposed stringent selection criteria for a marriage partner, you are placing yourself at a serious disadvantage. The partner is to be selected according to your strict criteria which very few men or women are able to meet. Pressure mounts as time passes with failure to get someone who meets your requirements. When the years have passed, and you have still not found your ideal one, you begin to experience fear, worry and anxiety. The only option now is to loosen the strict criteria. But is it too late now to do that? Ending up as on old maid or old bachelor is best avoided by not being overly fastidious in making your choice of a partner.

Most fears are unfounded. If you have any, they are self-imposed. Your fear of divine retribution for the wrongs you have committed is without a sound basis. Judgment on you is not formed above. Punishment is never meted out from above. You are governed by the universal law of cause and effect or karma just like all other persons. You suffer the consequences of your wrongful actions which is inevitable in accordance with this law. Your doing good deeds and avoiding evil deeds should not be motivated by the fear of any supernatural entity. Recognize the potential adverse effects of wrongful actions and the merits of good deeds, and you are never in fear of anything.

Be aware of the vast potential that lies hidden in you. What is deeply disappointing is your failure to realize your vast potential which results in developing only a tiny part of what you are extremely capable of achieving. You lose out because your hopes or expectations have not been fulfilled. Cast away this instant your self-imposed limitations and set yourself completely free to finally find fulfilment of your lifelong dreams.