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Self-judgment is how you view yourself mostly in a critical way. When you self-judge, you are involving an analysis of your merits and faults. But your common tendency is to express adverse opinion or draw erroneous conclusion about yourself. This subjective view that you hold of yourself seriously erodes your self-esteem or whatever is left of it.

The reason you judge yourself harshly is due to a lack of self-belief. This usually happens whenever you compare what you have done to what you think should have been done or to what someone else has done for a similar kind of job. You care too much about how other people judge your decisions or behaviour. When you are overly concerned about putting on the right performance from your own point of view or from the perspective of others, you become unsure and this raises self-doubt. Self-doubt causes you to pass poor self-judgment.

Poor self-judgment also stems from a feeling of worthlessness because of your constant dwelling on the past about something that you should have done but didn’t or something that you did but shouldn’t have done. Perhaps, you feel like a failure for lack of accomplishment in the past, and so letting your close ones down or not meeting the expectations of others. Like others, you have your own faults. You make mistakes and commit errors. But engaging in the self-destructive practice of blaming yourself can’t possibly result in anything good. The remedy lies in not identifying yourself with your weaknesses, faults or mistakes.

The low opinion you have of yourself is a reliable indication that you cannot accept yourself. You feel unworthy and undeserving. You think you do not deserve the respect and attention that others crave for. When you are totally lacking in self-love and self-acceptance, chances are you are not likely to love and accept other people. When people respond in ways which you perceive as negative, your feelings reinforce your poor self-judgment. The solution here is unconditional love and total acceptance of your own self.

You only rely on your own judgment of yourself. As such, you can’t progress very well in life for most of the judgment tends to be harsh. When others say some very complimentary things about you or what you have done, you find it hard to accept because they differ from your judgment of yourself. This drains you of your confidence. You are fearful of proceeding. Even if you do, you are excessively cautious which can’t do you much good as the more cautions you intend to be, the more mistakes you are liable to commit.

You are not morally entitled to judge others, let alone to judge your own self. Each of you is a unique being and has your own individual way to express yourself. In the process, you make mistakes as none of you is meant to be perfect. If you have to judge yourself at all, let all your judgments be impartial. Misjudging yourself without awareness does not give you an advantage or a good chance of success.