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Self-management is about managing yourself properly in your daily life, and effectively utilizing your inner resources to become the kind of person you want to be. Self-management begins from the inside. You cannot feel happy outside unless you feel happy inside. Managing yourself is aimed at attaining the best you can be. You cannot acquire the skill of effective management, especially managing others until you are successful in self-management.

In self-management, the top priority has to be to correct your past conditioning that forms your beliefs. Some of these beliefs may be true. But most of them, you can safely say, are false. A belief easily becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when you believe you cannot achieve something, you act in ways to fulfil your belief. This of course proves your belief right even though it is wrong. You have to totally convince yourself of the truth that your belief is entirely false and work hard to change it. You are capable of any achievement once you set your heart on it.

You can be whoever you want to be. If you want to be a very efficient manager, a highly competent teacher, or a skilled craftsman, you already have the resources to realize your dreams. You just need to make practical and effective use of your qualities, acquire the relevant knowledge or training, and diligently apply them. It’s about managing what you have got and obtaining what you have not and using the combination to attain your goals.

In managing yourself, you live in accordance with your values. This gives you a clear conscience and you act with complete confidence. You know you are maintaining your personal discipline, and making effective self-management possible for yourself. Self-management presupposes a sufficient level of self-discipline. Without it, all your effort or skill applied to accomplish what you set out to do can bring you only minimal success or not at all. Your discipline ensures you make your own wise decisions, free from outside interference or influence. This results in your having a reforming character and a happy, satisfied and successful life.

Being able to manage your own self gives you the ability deal with adversities and problems or to manage any situation or other people. You are able to come out with simple ideas to cope with small, easy task. For example, compiling lists of personal tasks to be performed, and ticking each task off when you have completed it is a simple idea. Everybody does it. But it is a good example of proper self-management. You can then apply similar ideas to more difficult tasks on the outside at the workplace or elsewhere. They are liable to work just as well.

If you failed in something, or when something happened to you, can you just ignore it? Whatever happens usually carries with them some warnings. Ignore these warnings at your peril. Try to interpret them in the best way possible to you and adopt preventive measures. You need to know the reasons why you failed or why something happened to you. Things do not just happen to you by chance. Knowing the real reasons not only averts a possible repetition, it also serves as a lesson to be learned. It makes you more careful in managing your future.

Proper self-management produces the desired result of a life of fulfillment. Otherwise, it would be a life of sheer frustration and inadequacy.