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Self-motivation is a reason for doing something without needing to be told to do it and free of pressure from others. Self-motivation is lasting motivation. It is the only motivation that really produces the desired result. It comes from one’s own desire, eagerness and willingness, enthusiasm or ambition, etc. A motivated person feels he wants to and not he has to.

You must have the strong belief to be self-motivated for belief is a great motivator. It is in fact the most powerful force in the world. If you resolutely believe that you are going to achieve great success in life, you are motivated to think and behave in ways consistent with your belief and you inevitably make it come true. Likewise, if you believe unwaveringly in your good luck and that good things are happening to you, your belief will be fulfilled. If you believe you are responsible for your own actions and behaviour, you tend to accept the responsibility to act and behave only positively, and this will significantly improve your life.

When you believe in yourself you are likely to have the self-motivation to succeed in whatever you do. The more you believe in yourself, the more stubbornly you persist. Your persistence is a manifestation of the level of your self-motivation and your strong will to succeed. It certainly helps to cultivate the habit to act as if you have self-belief, which in turn boosts your confidence. When you have developed self-belief, you tend not to think of failure, feel daunted, anxious or fearful when you take on a responsibility.

Enjoyment in what you do, especially in your work, is itself a great motivator. People who enjoy their work tend to be very good at it. They not only work faster but succeed much faster as well. For some people, enjoyment in their work comes naturally to them. Fun is the key to self-motivation. By having fun in what they are doing, they are motivating themselves.

Making significant changes in your lives is never easy, especially when you have been in your comfort zone for a pretty long time. However, bringing about desirable changes is a lot easier if you have the self-motivation to effect the changes. Your motivation ensures you start now and do not delay in making the changes. The rewards that you know your successful changes will bring increases enormously your level of motivation.

Self-motivated people are positive thinkers. In thinking positively, you think only the best in yourself, and you know your thoughts make you what you are. You therefore think only optimistically and confidently, which are essential conditions for success. In making certain that only positive and motivating thoughts enter your mind, you allow no space in your mind for negative thoughts that cause you to feel unhappy and unsuccessful.

In the workplace, staff and workers are self-motivated by promotional prospects, direct financial incentives or other tangible rewards that are open to them. The ambitious ones tend to do their level best to excel at job performance. They develop a higher level of efficiency and competence. Some however are self-motivated by a strong wish to live a better life and provide adequately for their families. Employees who are motivated are strongly inclined to be highly productive.

It is up to management to attempt at identifying the factors that contribute to the employees’ motivation and strive to create an environment that is conducive to the development of self-motivation. Motivation is about getting the employees to do willingly what they have to do without applying any force on them. The management’s task is to observe the behaviour and monitor the progress of different employees to uncover the ones who are self-motivated so that specific tasks can assigned to them as they are able to successfully complete the job within the stipulated deadline.

Self-motivation is a key to success and achievement in life. It is never too late to develop and apply self-motivation in all areas of your life and the time to do it is now. The sooner you have it the sooner you can get to do or have what you want.