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Change your thinking to change your life

You are the one who is in charge of your mind and therefore the outcome of your actions. You have your beliefs and values that determine your perception of the world. Your perception influences how you make your decisions, and how you experience and deal with different situations. Your beliefs seem real to you but they are not because most of your beliefs are a figment of your imagination.

You know you need change when your life is not working out in a way that you would like it to be. Many of your beliefs are working against you without your knowledge. They stop you from moving ahead or getting the things that you strongly wish for or really want out of life. Examine your beliefs that can change your reality and your life, and see things in their true perspective.

It is said that you can never become the architect of your future if you remain a prisoner of your past. To embark on personal change, you first need is to identify your weaknesses and shortcomings as a person. You have got to know what are restraining you. Change is enlightening; it improves and empowers you. You feel fulfilled and gain satisfaction when you realize you are crossing over to a new level.

Change isn't easy for initially you have to change yourself before you can hope to change your life. Generally, people fear change. They resist change, feeling the deep anxiety and extreme pain they imagine will result from the new adaptation. But realize that success and greatness on the outside must begin within you. You can achieve them or anything if you bring about change in all areas of your life by emerging from your comfort zone.

Whatever things, or more of them, you want in your life – success, wealth, etc – are all achievable or obtainable. But why are you not having them? The usual response would be lack of money, good luck, or time; or it's your fate or your parents, or somebody else that causes you to not having them. These causes are external and beyond your control. But you can do something about them by changing your thinking that affects your internal world.

So change must start with changing your thinking. Begin by conditioning your mind to think positively. People have reaped the benefits from positive thinking as revealed in published materials. Other people who have practised it have found it is worth it as it works. It is therefore essential that you try it out as it is likely to have the desired effect on you as it does on others.

Your thoughts form your world. The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life. Your positive thoughts will make you act in a positive way that will produce positive outcome. Condition your mind to think positively that your life will be successful, prosperous, creative, fulfilling or whatever you want. Chances are they will eventually become your realities.

Any reason you may cite for not being successful or getting things that you want is usually the consequence of negative thinking. Just remember that nothing can stop you from obtaining what other people have. It is the wrong kind of thoughts that leave you behind others in terms of success, wealth, etc. From now onwards, adopt a positive mental attitude (PMA) and constantly fill your mind with positive thoughts.