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Seeing is believing

Many subscribe to the belief that “seeing is believing.” But is the belief accurate and true to life? If I see it with my own eyes, then I’ll believe it? But not everything can you see before you can believe. Understand that and you are being realistic. There are lots of things you can never see or you have to do something before you can believe.

If you have been conditioned to believe seeing is believing, you tend towards possible stagnation, that is you stop growing or developing. You spend time waiting for things to happen instead of acting on your own initiative. For example, you do not do something because you do not see the ability or the skill in yourself to do the thing. You have to see the ability or the skill in yourself first before you use the skill to do something. This is quite the reverse of 'believing is seeing', in which you believe first that you have or can develop the skill and go ahead and do the thing.

If you don't see or recognize your personal capability, you tend to refrain from acting when action is what you need to accomplish what you desire. Instead, you set prior conditions for yourself to fulfill before you initiate actions such as meeting your perfect partner, getting that promotion or saving a fixed sum of money. It can easily be a life of prolonged period of inaction, not producing or achieving much. As long as the false belief you have of yourself persists, you are likely to continue with your unproductive life.

Whatever you believe in with absolute faith will manifest itself in some way. You have to have faith before you can believe. Your belief will give you the faith to achieve whatever you want and to see what is not there. Belief in God is a perfect illustration. Seeing is believing does not involve having faith, so do you have to see God before you believe in God? People who believe in God choose believing is seeing. They believe in God even though they have not seen God. It's a matter of faith which can only come from believing is seeing. Eventually, God manifests His presence in various ways.

When you need to see first to be convinced, it can only mean you have no faith or belief in what you fail to see. Faith and belief is what you require. The negative outcome of a lack of belief of, say, your ability or power to develop into what you want to be is that you lack confidence to set forth to seek out what you want. Your ability or determination is not being tested, and you remain ignorant of who you are and what you can be. it's just too bad for out there, there are plenty of opportunities and answers to your problems. As long as you wait or remain inactive, your present situation will be as it is.

Perhaps, the result of leading a life that is not progressing coupled with a feeling of wanting to develop into a better person may one day push you to try to accomplish something. But the likelihood is that you hesitate and may end up instead waiting for what you want to be delivered onto your lap. Things do not really happen that easily, so you lead a life of disappointment and misery. What is needed is to launch a fresh initiative aiming for a big change or improvement even though you can't see any success yet.

Just believe. You need not see. Just believe you will get there. And your belief will get you to act and you will get there for belief is a strong motivation. Having it will help realize your dreams sooner rather than later in your life. Why deny yourself from becoming the kind of person you want to be? Why wait for something positive to happen? You don't have to be like others who believe they must see first before they can take action.