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What are your values?

Your values are the beliefs, principles, or attitudes that are important to you because they are what you stand for. They are your beliefs that you have about what is right or wrong, and what is most important in your life. They serve as guides to how you live your life and undertake any activities which include the work you do. Your personal values are your standards of behaviour.

Whether you are consciously aware of them or not, you are, like everyone else, have a set of personal values – maybe three, four or even five of them – to give you the great character in leading a successful life. You may increase your values to meet your personal needs or new challengers. In case you are unsure and wonder what your values are, just remember your values are reflected in your actions.

You display what you values are in your actions not only to yourself, but to others as well. Observe your actions and you know your values as you invariably act in accordance with your values. Knowing for yourself what your values are is the beginning of the road toward real accomplishment and personal fulfillment. But first you need to ask yourself what you really want. It is essential that you get to know the answers to this question – the answers which will lead you to form your beliefs and formulate your principles that together create your personal set of core values.

The beliefs and ideals that you deeply value make you feel it is absolutely necessary for you to exploit your full potential and to fulfill your ambition. Through these values, you get to know who you are on the inside, and that is important for you to get or experience what you want on the outside. What kind of life you want to lead on the outside world will let you determine the values and beliefs that you must develop on the inside.

As you act in accordance with your values, you know they help you to arrive at your decisions. You are able to decide confidently and quickly because you are certain that your decision is a right one. You are very unlikely to take actions or behave in ways that are the direct opposite of your values. If you value your reputation, you will not do anything to tarnish it. If compassion is one of your values, you will feel concerned for the sufferings or misfortunes of others and a wish to help them. On the physical side, you tend to practise personal hygiene if cleanliness is your value.

The quality of your values and the degree of commitment you devote to them make you the sort of person you are and improve the level of accomplishment that you are capable of. As you perform actions, in whatever you do, you are guided by your values. The positive results you get from your performance indicates the right values you possess and the intensity of your commitment to the values, an important one of which, for example, is self-discipline. A poor performance could be an indication of your personal lack of the required values, or you are not acting in according with them.

Over time, your values may change. When you achieve a high status with a promotion, you know you are accountable for your actions and decisions. You might include responsibility as one of your values if it is not already one of your values. If it is, your commitment to it could well be greater. Another value could be leadership. As a leader in your organization, you undertake the tasks of motivating and inspire others. The skills of motivating and inspiring are likely to become values adopted by you. You get married and raise a family, in which case you might acquire new values such as faithfulness to your wife or loyalty to your family by spending more time with them. You may start a business and feel honesty is one of the values you want to cherish.

Your action and behaviour must be consistent with your values. If they are, you feel you are living a good, satisfactory, and contented life, and you are likely to accomplish more. On the other hand, when your behaviour does not conform with your values, you get uneasy and uncomfortable feelings, and your stress level increases. These negative feelings could easily develop into a source of anxiety and unhappiness. Ultimately, you need to adopt the right approach and that is to live by your values.

"Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value." - Albert Einstein