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The universal law of sowing and reaping

The universal law of sowing and reaping is the same as the law of cause and effect. The law says that there’s an output to every input. It refers to the result that you are reaping today is the result of what you sowed in the past. What you are experiencing now is the sweet or bitter fruit of whatever actions you had taken or decisions you made previously.

The law of sowing and reaping has governed human destiny since the beginning of history. Every member of the human species is subjected to it. No one can claim they are free from its control. Whether you enjoy success or happiness, or failure or distress is due solely to how you have acted whether in compliance with or in violation of the law. When you are successful or happy, others say you are lucky, which is not the case. The law favours no being. It’s fair and impartial.

Those who are successful have put in much effort to attain their successful status. They work hard and do many different things to increase their probabilities to be successful and eventually they are. Others who are less successful or have failed lay the blame on their luck. The successful ones reap what they sow while the unsuccessful ones fail to reap what they do not sow. It is all about getting the reactions from your actions. You get no reaction when you don’t act.

There are people who believe they can get something out of nothing. When the law of sowing and reaping applies, they certainly get nothing. There are others who believe in shortcut to success and riches. They make attempts to be successful or get rich quickly without putting in much effort. Even if they succeed, their successes and riches will not last. But mostly, they get nothing out of nothing or they learn the hard way that there is no shortcut to their desired goals as long as they act in violation of the law.

You are responsible for yourself and whatever you do. Things do not happen to you without a reason. If you are feeling unhappy in your outer world, only you and it’s up to you to rectify it by working on your inner world, perhaps to change it. For example, you want people to stop ignoring you. This is understandably upsetting as it is the instinctive need of everyone to feel accepted by others. You could take the first best step to overcome this by not ignoring them and that is by being friendly. Their reaction could well be what you have been longing for.

What you experience whether good or bad is the effect of your deeds. Why then do you worry so much about what other people will think or say each time you want to say or do something? You are answerable to the law of sowing and reaping/cause and effect and not to other people. In the end, it’s you who suffer the consequences of whatever you do or maybe don’t do as well. It’s your destiny that you need to carefully consider at all times.

People who are ignorant of the law of sowing and reaping try to change the effect when it is the cause that needs to be changed. If you are given to wrong perception, do you change the person whom you perceive to be unfriendly or do you change the way you perceive that person? You can send out either love or hatred. Inevitably, you must reap what you have sown.

Since everything you do will boomerang on you, it is always wise to concentrate on doing only good deeds. Look for opportunities to do a lot of work for charity such as rendering personal services to others who are less fortunate than you.