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Fear can be dispelled

What is fear?
We are not conditioned from birth to be fearful. In fact, we are not even born with fear. This is evident in our childhood. As a child, we are open, natural and uninhibited, and feeling no fear. In learning to walk, we did not fear falling. If we did, none of us would be walking today,. As we grow, we interact with other people and begin to be instilled with the feeling of fear.

This childhood conditioning causes our fears to last through our entire lives unless we take actions to overcome them. Until we do that, we will soon display the symptoms of fear using such words as ‘I can’t’, ‘I am not good enough’, etc. Some of these fears can be of help to us, but most of them impose limitations on how we live our lives.

Another symptom of fear is worry. Worry is caused by doubt about something that leads to indecisiveness. Worry is a form of fear that usually concerns an impending event, especially an unpleasant one that we think is going to happen very soon even though it may not happen at all. Worry is negative imagining about something and is usually about something that we do not wish to happen.

Worry can also be about painful regret about a past event. Either way, we certainly do not want to live a life of constant anxiety over something in the future which may or may not happen, or frequently feel the deep pang of sorrow for something that happened in the past. The anxiety or sorrow we experience is unnecessary suffering. The past or future is not worthy of our attention. We are living in the present moment and should devote all our time and energy to the now. The present moment is where our mind should be focused on at all times. If we can discipline ourselves to do that, we are free from any feeling of fear.

All of us inadvertently develop new fears over time. Our top priority now should be to unlearn them. It’s important that we do not deny we have such fears. A full awareness of them is just as important as we begin a course of action towards eliminating them. The most effective way is to deliberately do the things we are fearful of. For instance, if we are fearful of public speaking or too shy to socialize with others, then we just have to seek out more opportunities to speak in public or to socialize.

If it is your nature to worry constantly, it will be in your best interests to immediately seek out a solution for the impending event that you are worrying about. This means you have to plan or decide what you are going to do, so that you can make definite arrangement to take care of it. This should almost immediately stop your worrying, and you can confidently look forward to meeting whatever you are worrying about.