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Fear can be replaced with positive thoughts/affirmations

What is fear?
Your mind can only be occupied with a single thought at any one time. Ensure every thought that you are thinking is a positive one. However, should you suddenly become aware that you are having a negative thought, your immediate response must be to quickly replace it with a positive one. You can also fill your mind with positive thoughts through self-talk.

Self-talk is the way you frequently talk to yourselves, either aloud or quietly in your mind. In self-talk, you use positive affirmations repeatedly to condition your mind to reject the feeling of fear. Making affirmative statements to yourself is one of the most effective ways to exclude fear thought from your mind. When you say your positive affirmations repeatedly in your conscious mind, they will eventually be accepted as commands by your subconscious mind, which then acts in accordance with them.

Select carefully the words you use in your affirmations that fit your case to become a highly positive person. Your affirmative statements must assert something that is true of you or something that you expect to happen, which in this case is to rid yourselves of fear thoughts. For example, affirm to yourself "I can and I will." This is a powerful affirmation. Repeat this affirmation several times or more to yourself every day. Make it a habit and before you realize it, your mind is positively influenced by it. Come up with your own affirmations to suit your needs and use them until your mind is fully charged with the qualities you desire such as courage and confidence. These will substitute thoughts of fear and limitation. The positive thought will put an end to negative thought leading the way for you to be free from the feeling of fear.

Do not use negative words in your affirmations. For instance, do not affirm such sentences as “I have no fear,” “I am not lazy,” or “I do not lack confidence.” When you know that only positive thoughts serve the useful purposes that you want, you will always avoid negative words such as ‘fear,’ ‘lazy,’ and ‘lack’. Instead, affirm “I always have courage,” “I am always hardworking,” or “I am full of confidence.” Say these affirmations to yourself silently, not aloud that attracts embarrassing attention. It's very important that you be firmly convinced of what you affirm to yourself each time you say it.

If your mind suffers from every form of limitations because you constantly give attention to all kinds of fear, it stands to reason that if you entertain thoughts of courage, your mind will derive strength to overcome fears. This is the power of positive thinking. If you are positive about things, you tend to be hopeful and confident and think only about what is good in a situation rather than what is bad. You will then develop a really positive attitude to life and have no fear of any kind.