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Fear of change

What is fear?
We fear change because we fear the unknown. We feel uncertain as we don’t know what change will bring us. All we know is that it will cause us to move to the unknown. If we are not prepared to accept change, we will never know if change is good or right for us. We have to experience it to know. It could be a lot better than we think. When we experience change and find out it is not appropriate for us, we can always take actions to change it.

Change must begin from within our own selves. It is only when we change our inner world that we can change the outer world. Changing ourselves starts with self-discovery that is exposing our personal weaknesses so that necessary corrections can be made. Understanding our fears which are the root cause of our weaknesses is an essential step towards eliminating the fears. It is also absolutely necessary for building our inner strength.

Gaining an understanding of our fears allows us to know the truth of the kind of person we are, and helps to facilitate a change in our personality. Knowing the truth about ourselves can never cause fear. However awful or dreadful the truth is, it will not deter us if we are decided on a change for the better. It in fact provides us with great encouragement to go on to become the kind of person we ought to be. Fear arises when we resist it due to our failure to understand it correctly.

We avoid change because we have been feeling pretty comfortable in our comfort zone. We don’t want to take risks and venture from where we feel comfortable and familiar with into unfamiliar territory. We feel if no change takes place, we face no risks. It is a lot easier and safer to stay where we are even if it’s not a pleasant place. But for us to make progress, we have to move to bring about positive change. Positive change is only possible if we rid ourselves completely of the fear of change. To do this, we must act courageously and decisively in resisting all feelings of fear.

Why do many of us fear change? It's because change requires abandonment of old habits and beliefs. Understandably, we are reluctant to give up completely the beliefs that we have rigidly adhered to for so long. But when we discover new information that is entirely incompatible with our beliefs, we must accept change as inevitable. We should always concentrate on being the kind of person who holds the right belief which are the truth. We must also understand that we have to willingly subject ourselves to the truth even though it's the truth that we fear. The more we do that, the more familiar they become and the once fearful situations cease to cause us to be afraid.

Our power and freedom are severely curtailed by our beliefs. Most of our beliefs are mistaken beliefs, and we still follow our erroneous beliefs thinking they are true. So is belief in nothing a better option? The best answer would be to ask ourselves whether our beliefs are benefiting us or causing us suffering. If the latter, we should proceed to get rid of our beliefs in favour of change. But our fear of change keeps us where we are. Where we are is the state of being completely certain of things. We would rather be certain undergoing an unpleasant experience than to risk change to enjoy a pleasant experience.

Even if we experience positive change, we will still be feeling uncertain as we generally lack optimism. Our fearful anxiety is caused by what we imagine may result. We think if we can’t get a promotion, we will look for another job. But if we got that promotion to a higher position with a higher salary and better advancement prospects, there is still the fear of insecurity and doubt as to whether we can cope with the new position. Likewise, we would still have similar feelings had we got another job.

We can bring about real personal change. All it requires is our determination to make a firm and irreversible decision to persist with change in our life. We do that by removing the greatest obstacle from our life which is the feeling of fear. If we are resolutely determined to dispel our feelings of fear, nothing can stop us from our personal attainment that we have always wished for.