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Fear of failure

What is fear?
The fear of failure is the worst thing that can happen to any one of you. It restrains you from making even an attempt at doing something. When you don’t do anything out of fear you have failed without lifting a finger.

Some people fear if they don’t succeed in doing something, they will be adjudged to have failed. So they think if they don’t do anything, then they haven’t failed. But by not doing anything they are already failures. You are failures if you don’t make an attempt at doing or you quit in the process of doing.

Indecisiveness is a product of the fear habit. If indecisiveness possesses you, you hesitate, unsure as to do or not to do, or to do this or do that, and end up committing the very mistakes which you so carefully try to avoid. Making mistakes undermines your confidence and ability to make decisions. As a result, you make more mistakes and you become more indecisive. It’s a vicious circle. Your mind then becomes constantly fearful of making a decision. When you have to decide on something, it’s as if a life-and-death struggle.

But the resolution of your fear problem lies not in making quick or right decisions. It’s about banishing the fear thoughts that exist in your mind and the negative effects they have on you. Little do you realize that they affect you every single moment of your life. Your thoughts are not constantly focused on how you will succeed, but on how you will surely fail. With such a mindset, your fear of failure is easily fulfilled.

Fear of failure however is not totally negative. If you start to question yourself as to why you are feeling such fear, you gain an understanding of the reasons behind it. This will motivate you to not only overcome the fear but to do what is necessary to succeed in what you have to do. If your fear is extreme, it would be a great deal harder to deal with the fear. When you challenge successfully your own fear, improvement in the quality of your life is assured. You take on a different personality, and your life will never be the same again.

Each time the fear of failure grips you because of something that you have to do but lack the confidence to do it, instead of thinking ‘I can’t’, say silently and repeatedly to yourself ‘I can! I can!’ The idea is to make your own self believe firmly in the truth of your ability. Never again be overly concerned about failure. Condition your mind to think only of ‘I can.’

One effective way to overcome your fear of failure is taking calculated risks. Risks are one of the major causes of your fear. Everything you do involves risks. But if you are risk averse, you are submitting to the fear of failure. However, when you take risks in what you do, you are confronting your fear. Facing up to and dealing with your fear is a sure way to eliminating it. You will experience a feeling of excitement and pleasure in risk taking, and each success in risk taking further reduces your fear.

Get into the habit of thinking successful outcome in whatever you do. This positive way of thinking enables you to undertake any task and to attempt even the seemingly impossible. The power of this single thought can transform your life beyond your imagination.