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What is success?

Success is a subjective concept. It has different meanings to different people. To many people, it is large sums of money stashed away in the banks and material possessions. To others, it is enjoying good health, or a high level of job satisfaction, or a feeling of deep contentment or happiness, or personal recognition for their achievements. Whatever your definition of success, this strong feeling of success must come from within you. External forces cannot possibly make you successful.

Your success in life is not determined by direct comparison with someone else, but by the accomplishment of an aim or goal, the attainment of fame, wealth, or social status or, to some, the unconditional acceptance by everyone. It includes your resilience, determination, your perseverance and persistence to overcome the obstacles along the long, hard road to personal achievement.

Success is within the reach of all of us. Every one of us possesses the qualities for success. We may not be fully aware of their presence, so they continue to remain latent within us. They certainly exist but have not yet been used or developed. To some of us, they may become noticeable only in the future. There are those who have discovered and exploited their potential, and are well on the way to becoming a success story.

We can learn from the success of others. If we make the effort to closely observe successful people, we will notice they display certain characteristics that entirely typical of them. If we adopt their qualities, we can be successful too. But as long as we feel we lack the requisite qualifications or qualities to make us successful, we tend to remain where we are without much hope of success and are more likely to fail than succeed in any venture we care to undertake.

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