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Believe in your success

What is success?
Believing and having the right thoughts are important in your efforts to attain success. The first requirement is develop a success mentality which entails a complete change in a particular attitude or way of thinking. As long as you cannot bring yourself to believe you can be successful, you will never be successful. Condition yourself to have strong self-belief.

Fill your mind fully with positive thoughts leaving no room for negative thinking, and think only about yourself as a successful person as if you are already successful. Do it constantly. Picturing yourself as successful is your destination. You have embarked on your journey. Every journey has a destination. You will eventually arrive at your destination as long as you don't give up along the way.

Refrain from negative thinking. It is never contributing towards your successful outcome. Be aware of the obstacles and all the difficulties that are likely to hinder your progress. But stop yourself from thinking too much about them. Too much deep thinking about things that are likely to delay or impede your progress is very discouraging. It is sure to seriously erode your personal qualities such as determination, confidence, enthusiasm, etc. which are virtually indispensable to success.

If you constantly have doubts about your ability to be successful, then you are a victim of self-limiting beliefs. Your priority in overcoming this limitation is to identify the influences that are causing you to think and behave in such negative manner. You must decide to reject all negative thoughts that undermine your belief in your own potential. Train yourself to refrain from doing all the things that are holding you back such as procrastinating, hesitating, etc.

Regard each difficulty you encounter and every mistake you make as a valuable lesson to be learnt. It is a useful feedback that tells you how you are performing and is to be used as a basis for improvement or to alter the way you are doing what you are doing. When faced with problems, a common reaction is thinking of giving up. Instead of such defeatist thinking, seek ways to overcome them. Once you resolve your problems, your knowledge is greatly increased and experience considerably enhanced.

Never underrate the power of your belief. Your belief creates your reality. Wrong or right belief can bring you untold misery or a great feeling of happiness. By constantly believing in the realization of your dreams, you will bring about their fulfillment. You must create your beliefs that are consistent with the kind of life you desire, and then persist in believing in yourself and your ability to fulfil your desire. Beliefs must be accompanied by actions. Your actions are motivated solely by your strong beliefs, and as long as you go on performing your actions, your success isn’t far off. In fact, it gets closer day by day.

When you have a strong belief in the success of something you are doing, you create an attitude of optimistic expectation within you. Belief and expectation go together. A positive belief gives rise to positive expectation. In other words, to have optimistic expectation you must be convinced that what you do will produce positive results. Your confident expectation of a positive outcome is itself a strong motivator that spurs you to take actions. Each success you gain from your actions makes you more confident and positive about the eventual successful completion of the whole venture. Expect the best in every situation and chances are you will end up with the best result.

You must be convinced that whatever other people have done successfully, you can do as well. The fact that they have achieved something is proof enough that you are just as capable of achievement in that particular sphere of activity. You can emulate the success of anybody. Say, you want to be successful in a particular activity. All you need to do is to seek out those who have scored spectacular result in similar activity. Discipline yourself to replicate over and over what they have done until eventually you produce similar results.

If you honestly think or firmly believe you will be successful, you will create your own kind of environment that is conducive to your success. You will think and do those things that will make you successful, and at the same time you must behave as if you are already successful. Then success will ultimately be yours.