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Personal qualities necessary for success

What is success?
We are much more concerned with externally training ourselves to be somebody, a person of importance or authority, or a professional such as a doctor or lawyer that needs special education and training. But have we ever given a moment to thinking about developing our own selves internally to acquire those essential behavioural traits that are so vital to personal success? We need self-development for personal success.

We have to decide about the personal qualities that we very much desire for ourselves if we want to be successful. If we get to know people who are successful, we will notice they have indeed gained a considerable measure of self-mastery. Self-mastery is having complete control over our thoughts, emotions and behaviour. If we can have that control, we possibly have an impeccable character. It is this distinctive character of ours that reflects our personality. Our personality is expressed in our attitude toward other people. We need the cooperation of other people to be successful so having the right attitude is paramount.

When we have determination we will resolutely stick to what we are doing despite the odds against our proceeding smoothly on the path to realize our dreams. Determination combined with our ability to work hard and enthusiasm which is another quality essential to attain success, we are unlikely to quit striving for a goal. When we are consistenly determined, hard working and enthusiastic about what we want to achieve, we will never be unsuccessful.

Being positive in our attitude is an absolute must if we want to successfully interact with other people. Mixing with successful people helps to develop a positive attitude. This is one quality worthy of making great efforts to possess. Without it, our relationship with other people is unlikely to be at its best and long-term success in relationships remains elusive.

When we have a positive attitude, we tend to feel gratitude for the good we have. As a result, we also feel good within ourselves and this is reflected in our actions and behaviour which are readily acceptable to other people. People with positive attitude are not accustomed to constant complaining or looking for what is wrong with others or finding faults. They are confident, humble and patient people. We must stay away from negative influences to maintain our positive attitude.

We need to have persistence as well if we want to be successful. We must have the persistence to turn our dreams into reality. To persist is to continue firmly in a course of action despite difficulty, obstacles, oppositions or failures. It is a quality that distinguishes the successful from the unsuccessful. Persistence is an essential trait to possess for many fail because of the lack of it. Lack of persistence is a common weakness among most of us. It can however be overcome by having the strong desire to achieve our aim.

Equally desirable is being decisive or more decisive. The most urgent need is to gain a considerable measure of decisiveness. It’s a huge advantage if we possess the talent for quick decisive action. Being able to make firm decisions quickly changes the ways we do things. It will certainly change our life. Those who are successful make a habit of settling an issue quickly and effectively, while those who are unsuccessful are unable to make clear decisions or choices.

Most people who don’t make decisions remain stagnant, not changing or making progress. They live their lives wondering why their lives are not improving, but never discovering the truth that they need to make a decision to do something. Decisiveness can be acquired by constant practice. Along the way, wrong decisions are bound to be made. Accept that this is inevitable and learn from the mistakes. Ultimately, a decisive person will gain a well-deserved reputation.

When we know indecisiveness is the root cause of procrastination, and that procrastination acts as a check on our progress, we will want to be good at making decisions quickly and with confidence. If we have the strong will to do something that we have decided to do, even if this is difficult, we can only be successful.