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Setting goals for success

What is success?
Setting goals for your success is essential. Without goals, success is almost impossible. When you have goals in place, you get a feeling of control over the whole process towards achieving a particular end. Setting goals allows revision when you get immediate constructive feedback on your performance You can then use it as a basis to make new decisions and necessary corrections, and introduce the required changes. Successful people are known to set themselves ambitious goals.

When you set goals, you tend to be optimistic about the successful outcome as your orderly approach towards attainment of the goal gives you the feeling that you are headed in the right direction as you can correct any deviations. You gain in personal effectiveness and competence. You tend to concentrate entirely on your goal, and whatever your mind continuously dwells on, it makes sustained efforts to eventually accomplish it.

Specific goal setting for the future must be in writing. By having it written down, you increase the likelihood of fulfilling it. In your written goals, you will have stated all the resources including personal contributions that you require to sustain you in adverse circumstances on your way to achieving your goals. You can set separate goals to acquire the relevant knowledge or resources, or to develop the needed skills. You will also do all other things that will boost your chances of success.

Success is still within the reach of every one of you however ill-equipped you are to cope with the difficulties and problems provided you set your goals in writing. Goal setting includes anticipating the obstacles that you are likely to encounter and how you will overcome them. This makes any goal achievable if only you have the real desire coupled with a strong determination. Your goal setting will reveal no insurmountable obstacles to what you can accomplish. Otherwise, you will have to seek alternative course of action. All you need is the willingness to better yourself to meet all that your goals demand and persevere with your challenging tasks until you succeed.

Success as a goal demands genuine commitment. A commitment is a pledge that you make to dedicate yourself to successfully complete a task. Without commitment, you are unlikely to throw yourself wholeheartedly into obtaining the desired result. You are liable to quit at the first encounter with adversity. But usually when you make a commitment you are not lacking in enthusiasm. You truly love and enjoy what you do. This should make your goal easier to achieve.