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Success in a relationship

What is success?
Success in a relationship or starting a relationship depends largely not only on how you conduct yourself. It’s just as important that you cultivate a healthy self-image. Your self-image is how you see yourself. In other words, you must have a positive opinion of your own abilities, appearance, personality or character. A good opinion gives you considerable inner confidence and optimism that you truly need in your relationship.

Your self-image determines the outcome of virtually all the things you do. If you genuinely feel you possess the qualities to succeed in establishing a relationship or interact socially with other people, you vastly increase the probability that you will succeed or will interact very well. If, on the other hand, your self-image is negative, negative thoughts tend to fill your mind. This causes you to fear that you are not sociable enough or you are going to fail in a relationship. Such fearful feeling makes you unwilling to engage readily with other people and to adopt an antisocial attitude. You are then likely to act in ways to fulfil your negative beliefs about yourself.

You really have to constantly visualize yourself as a confident, optimistic and friendly person, and consistently fill your mind with positive images of yourself until you become habituated to being the kind of person you strongly imagine yourself to be. All self-improvement in your life begins with an improvement in the images of yourself. This is of immense importance to your success in your relationship as people are drawn toward you when you display your positive emotions and good qualities strongly and openly.

The first impression is always very important as people judge you by the way you behave and look on the outside, and that forms the opinion people have of you for as long as they don't change it. If your behaviour is not viewed as acceptable, it will have an unfavourble influence on their thoughts and feelings toward you, or if your appearance is disheveled or unprepossessing, you lose out. It’s a fact that whatever you do, you need the direct involvement of other people. You cannot achieve anything without their active cooperation. Bearing this in mind, it is highly advantageous to enhance your appearance so that you always look good on the outside.

The more relationships you build up, the more opportunities you have in meeting the right person who will help with your career advancement or the more choices you have of a marriage partner or partner in your business. To have very good relationships, you have to have the required personal qualities to attract people to you. Study other successful people carefully and observe their appearance and how they conduct themselves.

If you want to be attracted to other people, you have to make yourself attractive. If you want others to be friendly to you, make sure you are being friendly by doing friendly things like displaying a smiling face, taking the initiative to strike up a conversation with someone, listening intently to what they say, etc. Take a keen interest in people and there is a high probability they will respond in the same way. Your genuine friendliness will make people want to be your friends.

The quality and quantity of your relationships with others are a reliable indication of the level of your success. You are much more likely to flock together with those who share similar level of success.