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Success is not a matter of luck

What is success?
Success is not due to luck. Your life is far too valuable and important, and should not be wasted by leaving it to luck. Your success depends very much on your ability to be consistent in practising self-discipline and determination, and having the right attitude. You owe it to yourself to take full responsibility to develop a personal vision for your future success, and be in complete control of your own destiny.

When you achieve your success a lot earlier than other people, they are likely to say you are lucky. But you know better. You know you have increased your probability to succeed by taking calculated risks, working very hard, dealing successfully with big and small problems, and overcoming the many problems and difficulties which you look upon as feedback which other people look upon as failures and quit. It is this combination of actions plus perseverance over a period of time that makes your eventual success inevitable. It has got nothing to do with luck.

People think you are lucky because what they see are your successes. What they are not fully aware of are the many things that take place that lead to your successes. It is actually the cumulative small-scale achievements that you succeed in accomplishing which are the constituent parts that together form the whole success. The thorough preparations that you have to make and the time they take to complete. The seemingly endless difficulties that have to be overcome and the setbacks you have to suffer. These are the requisites that make attaining success in any area of your life a long and challenging process. The tougher the journey, the greater are the rewards that will be reaped. When you finally reap the greater rewards, they say you are luckier.

Perhaps, there is an element of luck involved. Your luck comes from working hard and taking the necessary actions. In other words, you create your own good luck by your own diligence, and not the kind of good luck that other people attribute your success to. It is obvious that if you better yourself in some aspects of your life such as continuing your education, upgrading your skills, or persisting with something in spite of the obstacles and problems, your eventual success is the result of your constant effort, and not sheer luck.

Successful people know their success comes from their hard work while others who avoid or put in less physical or mental exertion blame bad luck for their perceived failure. Anyone can achieve anything they really want in their life. Your present status is determined by your past actions and behaviours. Had your actions and behaviours been different, your present status would be different. If you only act and behave in ways that increase your probability of success, you would accomplish what you want and you become lucky..

Neither good nor bad luck determines a person’s success or failure. If there is such a thing as good luck, then it is entirely self-created through persistent hard work or effort. It does not come from an outside source.