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Will to succeed must be from within

What is success?
You must have a clear aim in life. Usually, your aim is to be successful in life. If that is so, then you must exert your will to make great efforts to attain success. Everyone of you is endowed with the faculty of will, by which you decide on an action and perform the action to gain what you strongly want or wish for. This means success is achievable to all of you if only you will apply your willpower which is about the same.

Success can only come from within you. What goes on around you cannot bring you success. If you feel your purpose in life is to enjoy success, you must create a success mentality within you in order to experience success outside of yourself. If financial independence is what you intend to achieve, you must first change your inner feeling and mindset to feel and think like a wealthy person or a millionaire on the outside. Once you have assumed the thinking of a wealthy person, you will have increased the probability of setting yourself up for a life of financial abundance. Even if you suffer occasional financial setback, your wealth will be restored.

Success for accomplishing anything is possible for you if you apply your willpower and have an intense enthusiasm that springs from within you. If other people are enthusiastic about your success but you lack the enthusiasm, how then can you be successful? Chances are you are not likely to be successful. Besides enthusiasm, you just have to develop inwardly an unwavering determination and the all-important positive attitude to produce the desired result.

Having a desire may not be enough. You will be more motivated if you have a burning desire for success, financial or whatever, if that’s what you want. Recognize fully the real necessity to build and maintain more and better relationships with others which is of crucial importance to your success. All these qualities must be inherent in you. Whatever qualities other people have, they cannot make you a successful person.

Your desire is dependent on how badly you want something. The greater your desire for success, the greater are your probabilities of achieving it. Having a strong desire entails having the will, perseverance and resolve to stay the course. Quitting is not an option. It is this passionate and unstoppable spirit that sees you through as long as you stay focused on your goal. Nothing can stop you and your success is virtually assured.

You will experience more successes if you adhere to your previous actions that have brought you successes. From your successes you will have steadily evolved a set of principles that govern your life. You consistently act in accordance with your principles that will guide you to more successes. Any significant deviations from your principles due to complacency will be certain to bring about your downfall and your successes will not be repeated. Your success is not due to a pure accident but an outcome of your will to take actions.

If you find attainment of success so elusive that you blame it on your bad luck, fate, parents, authority, environment, friends or even your neighbours, be fully aware that blaming others will only perpetuate your lack of success. Instead of blaming others, convince yourself totally that your failure to succeed is due to your lack of willpower, enthusiasm or passion. People are deficient on the outside chiefly because they are deficient on the inside. This is just a matter of changing their habitual way of negative thinking.

If you maintain a defeatist mindset, you will give in to failure too readily. You cannot control what is outside of you but you have the will to exert complete control over your own mind. Change your mind from wishful thinking to positive thinking. Know what you want and focus your mind on getting it.